Foods that pregnant women should not eat

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In addition to providing adequate nutrition during pregnancy, pregnant women should also pay attention to what foods should be limited.

So what should pregnant women abstain from food to ensure the health and safety of the fetus?

Foods that pregnant women should not eat


Foods that pregnant women should not eat

Pineapple (especially green pineapple) contains bromelain that has the ability to soften the uterus, stimulate uterine contractions. Therefore, pregnant women should abstain from this fruit in early pregnancy.

Raw eggs, poached eggs:

Many people think that eating raw chicken is very good, especially in the morning. But according to doctors, raw eggs are not a nutritious food for pregnant women. Because if you eat raw eggs, pregnant women will be at risk of salmonella infection causing serious health problems in the fetus. In addition, sauces containing egg ingredients such as mayonnaise, salad dressings, etc. are also foods that pregnant women should avoid. You should only eat eggs when it has been cooked.

Raw meat:

Foods that pregnant women should not eat

Raw meat is also a food that should be added to the "black list" of pregnant mothers. Because a raw steak or undercooked beef or chicken is badly carried Listeria. Therefore, before eating, moms should make sure that the meat is fully cooked.


According to British scientists, 2 out of every 100 people are allergic to peanuts, so pregnant mothers are at risk of having an allergy to peanuts, especially Families with a family member with a history of peanut allergy should be even more careful. This is because peanuts contain allergic proteins that can enter the fetus and cause an allergy that causes your baby to be allergic to this type of baby. Therefore, during pregnancy, women should consider this food.

Laksa leaves:

Foods that pregnant women should not eat

Has a stimulating effect on digestion, causing smooth muscle contraction. Therefore, eating lots of laksa leaves can cause miscarriage.

Raw fish:

Raw fish dishes like sushi can cause fetal food poisoning, which is dangerous to the fetus. In raw fish dishes, large amounts of bacteria affect the fetus badly. Similar to smoked fish dishes is not safe for pregnant mothers. Fish should be cooked before eating to ensure safety.

Fish high in mercury:

Foods that pregnant women should not eat

Although fish is high in omega 3, it is very good for fetal brain development. Mothers should supplement 340g / week. However, you should choose a healthy fish. She should avoid fish containing high levels of mercury such as swordfish, shark, king collectors, walleye fish. For canned fish, you can use 340g / week.

Soft cheeses:

Soft cheese made from unpasteurized milk, which is high in bacteria. Soft cheeses such as blue cheese, camembert, feta, brie, and Mexican cheese (blanco, fresco and decrema) should be avoided during pregnancy.

Ham, bacon:

Foods that pregnant women should not eat

These are foods that are susceptible to cross-contamination of bacteria from other foods. Should be processed carefully if pregnant mothers really like to eat and should eat very little, minimize.

Artificial sweeteners:

Sweeteners such as Saccharin, Stevia, Cyclamate, Sucralose, Aspartame are all considered unsafe for pregnant women. Mothers should use it in small amounts.

Raw vegetables:

Foods that pregnant women should not eat

Raw vegetables like sprouts, sprouts, lettuce ... are popular vegetables, but it is a vegetable that mothers should avoid because they always contain salmonella bacteria, listeria and e.coli - harmful to the health of mothers and their unborn children. Therefore, you should process and cook these vegetables before eating to ensure the health of both mother and baby.

Greasy foods:

Fried foods, especially fast food, contain unhealthy fats, which make the pregnant woman's digestive system work too hard to cause bloating, indigestion, and heartburn. In addition, these types of fat can make pregnant women gain too much weight, leading to the risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes.

Coffee, alcoholic beverages:

Foods that pregnant women should not eat

Coffee is always on the list of foods to avoid by pregnant women, because according to researchers, caffeine can increase the fetal heart rate. And women who consume 200mg or more of caffeine a day have a risk of miscarriage twice as high as those who do not. Pregnant women also need to stay away from alcohol and alcoholic beverages so that they do not cause harm to the fetus, especially fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome.

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