Foods that help you get back in shape after giving birth

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After giving birth, a woman's body changes a lot - not only her skin condition, but also her weight. This makes many women lose confidence in their appearance.

To lose weight postpartum is something that a lot of mothers want. How to lose weight after giving birth effectively without affecting the baby, how to regain your beauty after giving birth, the secret to get back a slim body postpartum... It may sound difficult but actually you just need to have a healthy diet with lots of vegetables to get back in shape.

Foods that help you lose weight fast after giving birth


Lettuce is one of the most healthy vegetables that are especially good for postpartum women. It can improve your health, promote weight loss and beautifying your skin. Lettuce contains lots of minerals and a relatively high amount of magnesium, which enhances the brain function and strengthen muscle tissue, helping the body stay focus, reducing stress and thereby preventing postpartum depression.

Foods that help you get back in shape after giving birth

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For pregnant women, mothers who are raising children, lettuce is also a priority option because it is rich in fiber, iron and vitamin B9 - substances that are essential for fetal development. Besides, lettuce helps fill the stomach, dispelling the hunger. So eating lettuce every day is an extremely effective way to help mothers quickly regain their ideal body.

Foods that help you get back in shape after giving birth

In addition to protecting health and promoting weight loss, lettuce also works to beautify your skin due to its high water and vitamin content. Many people also puree lettuce and apply its juice on their face every day to make the skin clean and smooth.


Tomato is a common food that contains many vitamins and antioxidants to help reduce wrinkles and fight aging.

Foods that help you get back in shape after giving birth

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Use tomato to beautify your skin by doing these methods:
- Mix the juice from 1 tomato with 1 spoon of lemon juice, use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on your face for about 15 minutes then wash your face clean with warm water to clean the skin and shrink pores
- Slice a tomato and rub the slices all over your face in a spiral movement to massage the skin for a smoother face, while helping to clean the pores, balancing the moisture on the face and avoiding dirt accumulation that causes acne.
- Treat sunburns by applying a mixture of tomato juice and cucumber juice to the skin, leave it for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.
- Reduce wrinkles by applying tomato slices on your face for about 20 minutes, then wash with warm water.
- Tomatoes also help replenish moisture to the skin. Take tomato juice mixed with cucumber juice and apply on your face and neck for about 20 minutes.


Loofah (or luffa) contains a lot of water, calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C... So it has great beauty benefits.

Loofah not only works to treat melasma and freckles but can also moisturize, whiten and smoothen the skin, while increasing the production of new cells and reducing the appearance of scars, detoxifying your skin naturally.

Foods that help you get back in shape after giving birth

Loofah leaves, flowers and fruits all work to reduce wrinkles. With plenty of vitamin C and acids that gight oxidation, loofah is a powerful tool to help you stay young. Loofah inhibits melanin formation to slow down the aging process of the skin and also helps you get slimmer body. It's very simple, you only need to add loofah to your daily diet.

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