Foods that are dangerous to the liver that not everyone knows

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Fast food, grilled fried foods are being used very popularly, leading to the habit of eating well, eating for "pleasure", without regard to a scientific diet.

The liver is the largest organ in the body, weighing about 1.5 kg in an adult. The liver plays an extremely important role in the body's metabolism, including metabolizing substances, lipids, proteins, and drug metabolism.

The liver regulates blood sugar, produces bile for fat digestion, stores many substances (vitamins A, D, K, B12, iron, copper ...), plays a role in the immune system. In addition, the liver synthesizes a number of hormones, metabolic enzymes, and coagulation factors.

Most of the body's metabolic processes are done or related by the liver. The liver is the body's "chemical factory", regulating the synthesis - dissolving and detoxifying processes of countless toxins for the body; greatly affects the functioning of the systems, other organs as well as the whole body.

Foods that are dangerous to the liver that not everyone knows

Liver diseases cause levels of many substances in the body to disturb, leading to metabolic diseases as well as dangerous complications.

Today, lifestyle as well as unhealthy foods greatly affect liver function. The evidence is that many diseases such as liver cancer, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and fatty liver have become common. In particular, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in recent years increased strongly globally.

What foods are harmful to the liver?

1. Legumes, mold seeds

Bread, cakes, grains, beans, seeds such as rice, corn, peanuts ... when stored in hot and humid conditions of Vietnam, are susceptible to mold infection. Some fungi produce aflatoxin, an extremely small amount of liver cancer-causing toxin (parts per billion), causing liver necrosis and death in greater amounts.

This toxin is very heat-resistant, so that it does not decompose even when processed at high temperatures, so absolutely do not use moldy food or store for a long time in humid, unsecured conditions.

2. Protein rich foods, rich in fats and preservatives

The liver is mainly responsible for protein metabolism, synthesis and degradation of proteins and amino acids. When the body tolerates excess protein, the liver has to work harder to metabolize it. Especially red meat and other animal organs with high cholesterol pose many health risks.

Foods that are dangerous to the liver that not everyone knows

Meats are often processed in the form of fried, grilled to increase flavor and stimulate the taste of people. From here, the liver has to process large amounts of fat. Poor-quality fats and oils that are fried over and over again cause a hundred times higher cancer risk than disposable cooking oils.

Protein, fat undergoes frying, baking at high temperatures will be degraded, producing dangerous toxins that cause liver cancer, cancer in other parts of the body. Therefore, fried foods should be limited, only use in moderation, it is best to use boiled and steamed foods.

Food should be processed to only use enough during the day, limiting long-term storage in the refrigerator and reheating many times, so it will easily produce harmful toxins. Fast food, processed foods such as bacon, sausage ... are also sources of a lot of fat, salt, and preservatives that are not good for the health of the liver, causing obesity and cancer risk. Users must also consider choosing when more and more foods are contaminated with pesticides, contain toxic chemicals, and easily "kill" the liver.

3. Raw food

Shrimp, fish, snails in the form of raw food processing, undercooked beef, aquatic vegetables (light vegetables, water spinach, lotus ...), ... are high-risk foods; carry parasites that damage and destroy the liver, especially the liver fluke. To avoid the cause of liver damage, should eat cooked - boiled drink, easy to digest and safe.

4. Wine, beer, soft drinks and sweets

When users abuse alcohol, beer, the large amount of alcohol contained in these drinks will cause the liver cells to work continuously to detoxify the body. But the ability of the liver is limited, and over time the liver cells become tired, damaged, and necrotic, and no longer able to completely detoxify alcohol. At this time, the liver and the whole body are poisoned, leading to fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer caused by alcohol.

Foods that are dangerous to the liver that not everyone knows

Processed confectionery, soft drinks, bottled soft drinks, and milk teas contain a lot of sugar, especially fructose (HFCS). Consuming a lot of sugar will cause the body to gain uncontrolled weight, cause obesity, increase waist circumference, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, dyslipidemia. Artificial colors in these foods are also potentially hepatotoxic.

5. Medicines and functional foods voluntarily used

Any drug or supplement, even an over-the-counter one, in addition to the therapeutic effect will also bring about unwanted effects, more or less affecting the liver because the liver is the place where the muscle metabolizes drugs. can.

Patients with liver disease must have dose adjustments compared to normal people when using certain drugs. So, consult a doctor, pharmacist when taking the drug, especially when taking a drug regularly for a long time.

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