Foods eaten at night cause liver cancer

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There are foods that absolutely should not be eaten in the evening because they are not only not beneficial but also have serious health effects, damage to the liver, kidneys and can cause you to suffer from insomnia.

When eating the following foods in the evening for a long time with high levels of harmful substances, your liver tissue will be destroyed, leading to liver cancer and many other unexpected harms.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer aflatoxin is a very dangerous type 1 carcinogen. It is worth mentioning that this extremely toxic carcinogen exists a lot in our daily lives. Here are the foods and items that contain aflatoxin:

Foods containing extremely toxic substances that cause liver cancer

The liver is one of the vital organs of the human body. This is the largest gland and the second largest organ in our bodies. Liver function is important for a healthy life. Liver cancer is one of the most common problems affecting the function of this organ, life-threatening.

Foods eaten at night cause liver cancer

There are many causes of liver cancer, in this article we mention the familiar foods that cause liver cancer that many people still eat at dinner.


You probably didn't know that every chocolate contains caffeine - a stimulant that helps us stay awake and not sleepy. Therefore, if you eat chocolate before going to bed, it will make it impossible for the body to fall into a state of calmness to go to sleep, making it difficult to sleep. This is not good for health at all because it makes the body rest after a long day of activity.

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To ensure the organs and cells are well rested and recovered, you should not eat chocolate in the evening to avoid sleeplessness leading to insomnia.


Bananas are extremely good for your health as well as on the list of safe weight loss foods. But eating bananas is always good and bad is not all we all know.

Foods eaten at night cause liver cancer

Bananas if eaten in the evening will result in mucus formation inside the stomach. This is absolutely not good, because too much mucus leads to stomach ulcers, heartburn, indigestion..

Fruit with lots of viatmin C

Fruit is very good for health, helps supplement vitamins, minerals, fiber. However, it's not like we want to eat fruit every time, especially citrus fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges, tangerines and grapefruit. When eating in the evening, vitamin C will turn into lead in our stomach, causing stomachache, while the acidity increases the acid content in thick teaching, causing indigestion, easily leading to gastritis.

Eating more in the evening also leads to gas in the stomach, causing bloating that makes it difficult for us to digest food.

Therefore, you should limit eating these fruits after dinner, if you want to eat, eat only a small amount and about 30 minutes from dinner to reduce the digest of the food.

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Fried foods

Fried foods that are seasoned to stimulate the taste buds make eating more delicious. So we usually go without food when we have fried foods. Eating too much in the evening plus a certain amount of grease can cause bloating, upset stomach, and have an adverse effect on gastrointestinal function.

Foods rich in calcium

You need to quickly remove the names of calcium rich foods from your dinner menu, such as shrimp, seafood with cartilage and other calcium-rich foods.

In the evening, especially when you go to bed, your organs will also be at rest. If too much calcium intake, the body does not absorb or excreted, accumulating in the kidneys and urinary tract, causing stones.


Ginger is a spicy spice that warms the body, dispels cold, warms the stomach and promotes blood circulation. In the morning, eat ginger, can accelerate blood circulation, help your body awake, mental clarity, the whole body becomes warm.

Foods eaten at night cause liver cancer

But at night, if you eat ginger will make the spirit too excited, greatly affecting sleep. When the body needs to rest for the internal authorities to work, ginger becomes an agent that "hinders" the normal rhythm of the body.

If this happens regularly, it will cause unnecessary damage and disturbance to the body, and disrupt the normal working process at night of the body's organs.


Although sugar helps to increase blood sugar levels when we are tired from a lot of activity. But there are times when you shouldn't eat sugar.

Dark sugar intake not only causes you to gain weight quickly, but insulin also does not work at full capacity to control sugar and lead to diabetes. Not only that, the sweetness of sugar makes us insomnia, affecting the body.


Perhaps no one likes cheese and cheese. They are part of creating a greasy, delicious flavor for the dish. But eating it regardless of the time is not good.

If you eat cheese, cheese in the evening will lead to indigestion. The amount of fat also makes you dizzy. In addition, saturated fats, cholesterol have the ability to increase the risk of heart disease.

Drink carbonated water and alcohol

Many people have a habit of drinking a glass of wine in the evening to sleep easily, but it is the complete opposite and will make you sleepless during the night, you also have no energy to operate the next day.

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We often have a habit after dinner or drink carbonated water to better digest food. But this is not recommended, saturated fat, caffeine, sugar in carbonated soft drinks have no nutritional value to the body, not only that makes it difficult for you to sleep.

Red meat

Red meat is high in protein and fat so the body needs more time to digest than other foods. Therefore, to want to have a deep sleep, you should avoid eating red meat at dinner but should choose foods that are easier to digest such as white meat, green vegetables, fruits, ....

Spicy food

Spicy foods often cause heat or irritate the senses, even causing heartburn, affecting digestion and upset the stomach. If eating spicy foods before going to bed will cause discomfort to the body and affect the quality of your sleep.

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