Fastest Home Teeth Whitening methods

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Bleaching teeth to get a beautiful and radiant smile is something that anyone wishes for. 

In this article, BREAK will give the cause of your teeth to be stained yellow, remedy them and the way to keep the teeth white longer.

What causes your teeth to be yellow?

Improper hygiene of the mouth

Fastest Home Teeth Whitening methods
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Many people do not have the habit of dental hygiene, regularly or do not hit their teeth every night. This extremely affects dental health. When a clean tooth is not brushed, a thin yellow layer begins to cling to the tooth and gradually causes the teeth to appear yellow.

The habit of eating foods that are easy to cause yellowing

Fastest Home Teeth Whitening methods
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These foods cause gold teeth that are tea water, soft drinks, alcohol, juices, spice sauces, sugar.

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Genetics is also why some people have natural tooth enamel that is brighter or thicker than others. Maybe you are simply born with a tooth that appears more yellow (or whitish) than someone else's teeth.


Age may color your teeth: When you get older, the outer layer of the enamel will swim away over time and cause the tooth to be more yellow.

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Ways of bleaching teeth

Brushing with baking soda

Fastest Home Teeth Whitening methods
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Brushing your teeth with baking soda Maybe you've seen this on social media and may have heard it from a friend. And that's the truth. Brushing your teeth with baking soda has the effect of whitening your smile. It is a lightweight abrasive agent, which works effectively against stains on the surface, plaque and even prevents discoloration. 

Rinse mouth with apple cider vinegar

The acid of vinegar will help to destroy the bacteria, thereby reducing the smell effectively. 5. A mixture consisting of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water also helps you make the mouthwash whitening more naturally. If you detect a stain on the tooth, try to rub the vinegar on the stain and rinse it with water.

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Combing teeth with activated charcoal

Fastest Home Teeth Whitening methods
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How to make white teeth with activated charcoal?

  • Prepare a small tablet of activated carbon (can be purchased in pharmacies), a good type of soft bristle brush to minimize the possibility of damage from the brush fur onto the gums and rubber gloves to avoid black stains sticking to the hands during the execution process.
  • Take an activated carbon mixed with a sufficient amount of water to form a mixture of a paste.
  • Use a brush embedded in the mixture, then hit the tooth evenly.
  • Rinse mouth with clean water.
  • Comb the tooth again with toothpaste.
  • Note: You must rinse your mouth with clean water several times to permanently remove the activated charcoal. Apply 3-4 times/week to ensure efficiency.

What to note when whitening your teeth with activated charcoal?

  • Use powder activated carbon or capsule form made from wood or coconut, avoiding the purchase of coal containing petroleum ingredients.
  • The method applies only to the state of moderate and mild gold teeth, which should not be applied to sensitive teeth.
  • Abuse will cause the tooth to lose natural shine.
  • Stop applying when there is a feeling of a tooth.

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