Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

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If you are a traveler who loves hiking, you must go to the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas for mountain biking, exploring trails and hiking trips.

It takes only 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon. This is an outdoor playground for hikers, families, and outdoor adventurers when traveling to the US.

Mountain biking, exploring hiking trails and sightseeing on the driveway through the park are really worth a try. If you want to escape the bright neon lights of the city and go on an outdoor adventure, the Red Rock Canyon is calling your name.

What does the Red Rock Canyon have to offer?

Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

If you want to go to Red Rock Canyon, you will have to pay an entrance fee (USD 15/car). The path will take you through all the trails and viewpoints in the park.

Since this is a one-way street, make sure you know which stops you are going to. If you miss the stop, you will have to start again to get back there.

Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

What to prepare before coming to Red Rock Canyon?

There are 26 hiking trails to choose from at the Red Rock Canyon. So how to choose a destination?

When you enter the gate, don't forget to get a park map that includes brief descriptions of each path. It can be very difficult to choose without planning in advance. So please read on this article.

Before traveling to Red Rock Canyon, use the Red Rock Canyon website and travel blogs to find out information in advance. Let's talk about walking first. If you like the idea of ​​stepping over cliffs, exploring narrow gorges and sweeping views across Las Vegas, put these two walks on your list.

Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

Calico Hill

By the time of the Red Rock Canyon, you don't have to drive very far to get to the first trail. About a minute's drive from the Service Center is a shortcut to Calico 1.

Calico Hill is a large cluster of red and orange rocks bordered by hiking trails and canyon exploration. This is a very interesting spot to visit when coming to the red rocky gorge, but there aren't any obvious routes here.

From the parking lot, you can climb the slope and follow the trail on the right, creeping into the canyon. There are canyon-like gorges to explore. This is a very interesting place, especially if you are here with children.

You should follow the downhill trail, following the entrance to the park. The further away you are from the parking lot, the more people you leave behind and the better the experience.

You can take a little time to find yourself the best viewing spot. Then you freely explore the ravines and cliffs.

The trails here connect Calico 1 with the parking of Calico 2. You can follow the trail to Sandstone Quarry (start the next trip), but your car will remain at Calico 1. You should see Clear the area between Calico 1 and 2 and then move on to the next move.

Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

Calico Tanks

You can spend the day at the Red Rock Canyon, or head into downtown Las Vegas to see the city.

Just a short drive from Calico 1 is the Sandstone Quarry's car park. Park your car here and look for trail signs to Calico Tanks.

This walk will take you up and cross sandstone boulders to see the city of Las Vegas. This is a very interesting walk for you.

You should remember the path and memorize the signs to avoid wasting time around a point.

Many people of all ages come to this path, from mothers carrying toddlers, 5-year-olds competing over rocks, even 70-year-old men.

Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

Dinner in Las Vegas

After exploring the Red Rock Canyon for a day, it's time to choose a dinner spot. Between Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas downtown is Juan’s Flaming Fajitas and Cantina. You can have dinner here. This restaurant has been ranked No. 1 in Las Vegas on Trip Advisor.

Explore the unique Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, USA

Another worthy place is Juan Juan restaurant. The food here is very good and the price is quite cheap.

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