Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

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The natural wonders in the US are no less attractive than the modern architectures. Sometimes they are even more stunning if you are a nature lover, who enjoy things that do not need human intervention.

Going to the US, you will have the opportunity to admire these extraordinary beauties.

6 natural wonders in the United States

The rocky area in Stone Mountain Park

Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

Stone Mountain Park is a fairly popular tourist destination recently, located in the city of Atlanta Georgia state. Here, besides the delights like every other park, visitors will witness the majestic rocky mountains as high as 520m.

The side of this rock is carved into a giant bas-relief, which is now the largest in the world. The carvings on it represent an important historical event of the United States and there are debates born from this idea. Anyway, we just need to visit and admire this great wonder is enough.

Giant coniferous trees

Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

Entering Sequoia National Park, visitors will burst into surprise when they see the giant hundreds of conifer trees. The trees are over 90m tall and the bodies are up to dozens of people hugging. Moreover, the straight trunks look extremely magnificent, causing people to have to raise their necks to look and compliment.

Natural wetlands in Louisiana

Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

In essence, this swamp is the slow-flowing tributaries of the state of Louisiana, called Bartholomew. This is the longest tributary in the world to date, with a "huge" length of up to 600km. The rich flora and fauna here also attract tourists to learn and earn a huge number of visits each year. In each season, the wetlands have different types of attractions that visitors cannot ignore.

Onondaga cave

Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

This is one of the most beautiful caves in America. Its beauty is enough to attract you regardless of whether you love science wonders or not. It is very impressive with the cave where the stalactites and gun leaves formed under the water. In addition, the top is also filled with fanciful color stalactites as a vivid picture. Not only the adventurous people, but all are attracted by the interesting of Onondaga cave.

Valley of Fire

Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

Valley of Fire is another name for Valley of Fire Park located in Nevada, USA. This natural wonder was formed 150 million years ago with impressive red sandstone mountains. Under the bright sun, these mountains will shimmer and attractiveness so that you cannot take your eyes off. Spectacular views along with interesting activities here make visitors enjoy. You can climb mountains, camp or explore forests, Aboriginal stone statues carved up to 3,000 years ago.

The majestic Niagara Falls

Explore the 6 natural wonders in the United States

Niagara Falls is located in a special position close to the border of Canada and the United States. The majestic beauty of this waterfall is rare in this place. Although the height is not too impressive, this waterfall is very large and is divided into 3 separate small parts. It is the Horseshoe Falls (also known as the Canadian Falls because it is located on the side of the country), the US waterfall and the Chiffon Scarf Waterfall. The name Niagara has been given since ancient times and means a god of thunder or roar of water. They also believe that the sound of water flowing over the falls is the voice of the thunder god.

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