Enjoy the 4 unique festivals in Los Angeles

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The city of Los Angeles brings an undeniable attraction with architectural buildings and magnificent landscape of mountains and the sea, as well as outdoor games that are "heart-stopping".

Besides, visitors will also get the chance to be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of very unique events here. Let’s enjoy the wonderful festivals in Los Angeles.

Enjoy the 4 unique festivals in Los Angeles

Watermelon Festival

Enjoy the 4 unique festivals in Los Angeles

Held for the first time in 1964 and over the next 50 years in Los Angeles, the Watermelon Festival has become a highly anticipated event for residents and visitors alike. Every summer, everyone waits for the watermelon festival to have fun, participate in entertaining contests and enjoy a very attractive watermelon party.

One of the funniest competitions of this festival is the watermelon eating contest. The players are able to eat as much watermelon as they want, and the people outside are cheering. In addition, the watermelon decoration contest is impressive as well, with the fruit meticulously trimmed, beautifully prepared, with strange patterns that make everyone admire. Not only fun, but the watermelon festival also has a humane meaning when the organizers raise money to help disaster relief, charity...

Dog parade

Enjoy the 4 unique festivals in Los Angeles

It sounds a bit strange, but it is the name of a long-standing traditional festival of the people of Los Angeles. Dogs in the United States, which are pampered and loved, are true members of the family. Therefore, this festival is an opportunity for people to take their lovely dogs for a walk in the jubilant and bustling atmosphere.

People will dress up their pet dog nicely and participate in fun games. In addition, owners will introduce their dogs to each other and talk about their hobbies as well as exchange care experiences. The parade is so interesting that everyone wants to stop by to watch it.

Budweiser music festival

Enjoy the 4 unique festivals in Los Angeles

On the first Monday in September, coinciding with the US Labor Day, residents and visitors enjoy the spectacular music festival called Budweiser. The vibrant festival with impressive art performances will bring an exciting atmosphere and help you add great memories to your trip. More than 50,000 people participate in the Budweiser music festival every year.

Normally, the opening act is very attractive and exciting. That's why the famous American rap king Shawn Carter has always been assigned to this important role. The singer stuns the stage, making the audience below cheering in the bustling scene.

Food festival in August

Enjoy the 4 unique festivals in Los Angeles

If your trip to Los Angeles falls between August 9 and 12, the city's culinary event will surely give you unforgettable experience. Events hosted by Coastal Luxury Management include the American wine festival and the Wolfgang Puck food festival. Participants can admire the famous Master of Spirits collection and meet famous culinary experts such as Michael Voltaggio, Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, Duff Goldman, Michael Chiarello and Scott Conant.

You also have the opportunity to try many unique wines and foods from leading brands and participate in some very attractive prize-winning games.

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