English Isn’t Their First Language…It’s Also Not Their Second, Third, Or Fourth

Uncategory May 03, 2018 09:00

For when you want Gary, but not TOO much Gary.

Seems legit.


Yeah you is!

Seems like a rather harsh punishment.

Sexist or just a bad translation?

Gee whiz, thanks.


Best day ever.

Damn I love finding $50 after being towed.


I speak Amurrrrican if that's what you're asking?

You don't say!

RIP turkey panini.

Tub of butter has some serious abandonment issues.

My favorite kind!

Then why is he allowed at the airport?

Can't argue with that!

The boner police are out in full force today.

So close yet not at all.


I'll pass on the cod, thanks.


I'll put my best foot forward -- or will I?

As everyone should always do!

Cheaper without food, you say?

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