Empire’s Spider-Man: Far From Home Subscriber Cover Revealed

Movies May 11, 2019 12:03

Things were looking worrying for Peter Parker for a while. In the closing reel of Avengers: Infinity War, the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man was snapped out of existence by the Mad Titan Thanos, crumbling away into dust.

But now – SPOILER WARNING – thanks to the events of Avengers: Endgame, Parker’s back in the land of the living. Perfect timing, then, for an all-new adventure that sends him globetrotting on a European holiday, finally getting some well-deserved time off with his school friends. That is, until Nick Fury, dangerous Elemental creatures, and comic book favourite Mysterio (a villain on the page, an ally of Peter here) turn up to complicate things.

Empire’s Spider-Man: Far From Home Subscriber Cover Revealed

Spidey’s second solo MCU movie hits the cover of Empire's summer issue – and the subscriber cover is a gloriously comic-booky ode to the web-slinger and the fishbowl-helmeted Mysterio, who fans have long waited to see on the big screen. Beyond those dazzling emeralds, you’ll find a reflection of Tower Bridge – with Spidey set to swing into London this time around. It’s a stunning design, exclusive for Empire subscribers, illustrated by Orlando Arocena.

Stay tuned for more information soon about what’s inside the new issue – and to see the newsstand cover – and in the meantime subscribers can expect their copy to thwip through the letter box any day now. Want to sign up to receive exclusive covers like these and have the magazine delivered to your door every month? Subscribe here. The regular edition will hit newsstands on Thursday 16 May.

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