Drinking water immediately after eating will affect your health

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Most of us drink water after eating, but not everyone knows the harm behind this habit

Nutrition experts always advise people to drink enough water, especially when our bodies need to drink. But at some point, we should avoid consuming water. And one of those times is after we have just finished eating.

The harmful effects of drinking water after eating that you should know

Flatulence, heartburn

Drinking water immediately after eating will dilute the acid in our stomach, making it harder to digest food, and easily lead to flatulence and heartburn. This behavior also cause the stomach to feel full of tension, uncomfortable and tired. It makes our bodies absorb less nutrients because the food quality is reduced, hence affects the digestive system.

Drinking water immediately after eating will affect your health


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Moreover, after eating a full meal, you drink too much water, which will make your stomach full of tension and make you feel very heavy, angry, tired and uncomfortable. Constipation and intestinal problems.


Many people will be surprised to learn that the habit of drinking after eating can increase the risk of obesity. The reason is that water can delay digestion, making undigested food stay longer in the intestinal system and become fat, which accumulate in the body.


Drinking water immediately after eating will cause food to not be fully digested. This amount of undigested food then goes into the large intestine, leading to constipation. If repeated, it will cause many other health problems.

Drinking water immediately after eating will affect your health

Foods that are hard to digest will need more stomach acid, resulting in excess stomach acid. When this happens frequently, the stomach lining will be eroded causing stomach pain.

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Note when drinking water related to meals

- To have a healthy digestive system, avoid drinking too much water before, during or immediately after a meal.

- It is best to drink water 30 minutes before and after eating so that your digestive system can work more efficiently.

- If thirsty, you can take a small sip of water during meals to lubricate the digestive tract and soften food

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