Dog Sun Loungers Now Available For Under £15

Articles May 16, 2019 08:24

What better way to let your doggo know he's the best of boys than to get him a little present for the summer. You can now chill in the garden with your best pal with one of these sun loungers, designed especially for your pet.

Available from B&M, the loungers are only £14.99 - take my money please.

Dog Sun Loungers Now Available For Under £15

The beds are raised and can be used both inside and outside.

This helps ease the worry about them picking up ticks, fleas or any other minging little bugs on their fur.

The beds are available in two different colours - they come in green and grey and are 129cm x 80cm, meaning they can fit most breeds of dogs on them.

A member of the good old Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook was impressed by how much of a bargain they are, writing: "£15 from B&M. Friends have paid £69 for beds just like these.. and so far they seem fab.

"Deffo a bargain to keep their bones off the hard floors."

Now it seems like summer's arrived, one problem for dog owners is their pet overheating when they're outside with you or on walks, but this genius invention is also available from B&M - a dog cooling coat.

The vests are an absolute bloody steal at £3.99, and come in three different colours and in small, medium and large. They're also useful for pets with allergies, heat stroke, skin conditions and for if they've had surgery.

Dog Sun Loungers Now Available For Under £15

And while we're at it they do a whole load of other cooling accessories to get your pet summer ready. There's a dog paddling pool, which to be honest is one of the best things I've ever seen - and it's only a tenner.

Dog Sun Loungers Now Available For Under £15

There are these cooling towels which stay up to 20 degrees cooler than a regular towel and only cost £2.49. B&M also do cute fruit shaped cooling toys that you freeze then give to your dog to play with. They come in watermelon, orange and kiwi designs and are only £2.99.

Dog Sun Loungers Now Available For Under £15

And leaving the absolute best until the last, we have a cooling bandana. It's only £1.99 and will make your little fella look cool AF. Because what's the point in having a pet if you can't occasionally dress it up for a laugh?

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