Does This Teacher Look Like She’d Cheat On Her Husband With An Underage Student? (Answer: Yes)

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Sometimes you can just tell, other times it’s a complete surprise – but something about Isabella Bowman’s face screams either screams “I’ll lick that butt plug after you pull it out,” or “This mayonnaise is a little spicy for me.” She’s either a freak or a house cat, and I can’t say for which one it is, but come on:

Does This Teacher Look Like She’d Cheat On Her Husband With An Underage Student? (Answer: Yes)

Considering she’s in trouble for having an affair with an underage student, something tells me that innocent face is a lie.

According to Daily Mail, officers were called to 22-year-old Isabella Bowman’s home in Cottonwood, Arizona, after a report that people could hear an argument taking place inside. After police showed up, they found that the argument started because Bowman’s husband discovered she’d been cheating on him with a 17-year-old student, and for some reason that didn’t sit well with him. Would he have preferred the kid was 15? Some people just know no ends to their depravity.

Bowman is an elementary school teacher at Dr. Daniel Bright Elementary School, which begs the question: how the fuck did she meet this kid? The story doesn’t say, but I’m picturing her trolling around the local mall offering to buy liquor for kids if any of them happen to strike her fancy, which is honestly any kid’s fantasy – “Hi, I’ll buy you booze if you let me suck your dick. Deal?”

Does This Teacher Look Like She’d Cheat On Her Husband With An Underage Student? (Answer: Yes)

And because you can’t just ignore claims that a teacher is sleeping with a kid these days, police investigated her husband’s claims and found “probable cause” that she’d had a sexual relationship with an underage student. Investigators determined that the relationship “appears to have originated outside of any school setting and that the minor was not enrolled in the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District.” Well THANK GOD for that! If we’re going to have teachers boinking kids, we gotta make sure they’re doing it with students they met outside of school – otherwise that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

As for Isabella Bowman, she was arrested for suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor and she placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. “COSD is committed to the safety of all students and expects staff to adhere to the highest ethical practices and conduct when it comes to our community’s children,” superintendent Steve King wrote in a statement issued on Thursday. “We must all work together – staff, students, families, and community – to provide a safe learning environment for children to learn, grow, and thrive.”

[H/T Daily Mail]

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