Does oral sex affect the fetus?

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Having "sex" by mouth will give pregnant women more pleasure than the traditional briefings. However, this type of relationship can affect the unborn baby if they do not know how to "love" properly.

Pregnant women are very sensitive, easily emotional and have many changes in psychophysiology. Therefore, the couple has many things to note, need to choose the sex position suitable for each pregnancy period so that both sides reach orgasm without affecting the fetus.

According to many experts, couples can have oral sex to reduce the force on the uterus, while avoiding the risk of ejaculation into the vagina. Therefore, oral sex is considered relatively safe for both pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Does oral sex affect the fetus?

However, if the mother is in one of the following conditions, she should not have oral sex because it can affect the fetus such as miscarriage, premature birth, pre-eclampsia, placenta in the position. low, early rupture of membranes, bleeding genital tract, inflammation of skin diseases and genital tract diseases.

Some possible consequences when a pregnant woman has oral sex:

Does oral sex affect the fetus?

Early birth: Orgasms brought about by oral sex can cause a mother to experience unwanted complications, creating contractions that can cause premature labor, and premature delivery.

Bacterial infections: During pregnancy, mothers who are infected with skin diseases and genital diseases can spread it orally. Both vaginal and seminal fluids contain bacteria, and the greater the chance that one of you will have an open wound or mouth ulcer. This makes it difficult for the mother to eat, interfere with the process of providing nutrients to the fetus, or worse, it can make the mother may have throat cancer.

Some notes when pregnant women have oral sex:

A perfectly normal mother and fetus can have oral sex. However, the demand for married life is decided by the mother. Because the needs and feelings of women during pregnancy can increase or decrease due to hormonal changes. Also to avoid affecting the fetus, when having oral sex, couples should note:

Does oral sex affect the fetus?

Clean before and after sex: Both husband and wife need clean hygiene before and after sex because bacteria from outside can completely penetrate the mother's private area at any time.

All harmful bacteria that reside in private areas directly affect the condition of the fetus, so the couple should not be subjective. Do not blow air into the vagina

Although oral sex is highly safe for pregnant women and their babies. However, that is only true when related properly. Therefore, when having sex, the husband should not blow air into the vagina to avoid clogging of the airways and endangering the unborn baby.

In addition, when having oral sex, couples need to be very gentle so that their teeth do not hurt the genital organs.

Hopefully, the above information has helped pregnant women understand whether oral relationships affect the fetus or not. Also know what is the oral relationship during pregnancy to keep in mind what keeps your couple life always happy.

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