Doctors warn 7 common habits that can cause brain damage, brain atrophy

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There are daily habits that can accidentally "destroy" brain cells and put us at risk of mental disorders, increase the likelihood of memory loss, brain damage.

The following 7 habits can hurt the brain. We recommend that everyone should exercise more, read books and talk to others to stimulate brain development, while reducing brain damage.

7 habits that are harmful to the brain

1. Eat food that is too sweet, too salty or too oily

Doctors warn 7 common habits that can cause brain damage, brain atrophy

These foods will make the body fat, making blood vessels more prone to arteriosclerosis, which affects the absorption of nutrients and neurological development. When brain circulation is not good, the nerve cells are malnourished, which makes the brain more likely to shrink and damage the brain.

2. Prefer to stay indoors, less exposed to sunlight

Long time at home, lack of interaction, like living in a dark environment, without sunlight, makes people susceptible to melancholy. Because of lack of sunlight, lack of vitamin D, this also affects brain development. Reduced interaction with others, decreased conversation and reading, are also causes of brain damage.

3. Stay up all night

Doctors warn 7 common habits that can cause brain damage, brain atrophy

Sleep has a great influence on brain consolidation and development. Many people with insomnia for a long time will make the brain less effective in excreting metabolites. When you go to sleep at night, the lymphatic system is turned on, causing some of the toxin metabolites to be removed efficiently during the day.

If you do not sleep well today, these metabolites will build up in your brain, causing long-term brain damage.

4. No brainstorming

The main function of the brain is thinking, when you are lazy to brainstorm and think, your brain size will decrease. Reading, writing and solving crossword puzzles are some activities you can do to train your brain. Also, you can play a few brain games. Let's stimulate the creative side in you. Do not stop thinking and learning new things every day.

5. Smoking

A lot of research has been done on the harmful effects of smoking. Smoking obviously damages cell membranes and the ability to live nerves in areas of the brain that manage balance, coordination, and fine fine and fine motor skills. It also affects the cerebral cortex, where processes include language, memory and cognition.

Researchers have found that quitting smoking can restore some of the lost thickness of the cerebral cortex, even for heavy smokers.

Doctors warn 7 common habits that can cause brain damage, brain atrophy

6. Exposure to polluted air

Air pollution can affect the growth of brain cells. Fine suspended particles can pass through the blood or enter brain cells, which increases the likelihood of dementia and arteriosclerosis.

7. Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol is the main culprit causing liver disease. However, did you know that alcohol also causes brain damage. In fact, drinking too much alcohol destroys the connection between brain cells.

Blurred vision, difficulty walking, impaired memory, making poorly informed decisions, here are some of the harmful effects that alcohol causes to humans. You may have had these symptoms during intoxication.

Drinking too much alcohol over a long period of time can cause brain atrophy, dementia and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (Alcoholic Dementia Syndrome).

How to protect the brain?

- People should eat more whole grains, berries and nuts.

- When eating meat try to eat white meat, eat less red market, should choose vegetable oil or olive oil.

- Also avoid processed foods, fried foods or cakes.

Regular exercise, including aerobic exercise, walking, or yoga, can also improve brain circulation, causing brain cells to grow.

- In addition to reading a lot of books, interacting with many people, can also stimulate the brain.

- Finally, optimistic attitude, joy is also the key to brain protection.

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