Doctors recommend that women eat these three foods to prevent breast cancer

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There are no foods that can prevent or cure cancer, but adding some of the following foods to your diet can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer for women.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and the UK with about 150 people diagnosed a day in the UK, according to Cancer Research. Breast cancer cells can grow along a certain path and spread to other parts.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. This is the leading disease-causing and fatal cancer in women. However, many women do not know the factors that may increase the risk of breast cancer. By the time they find out, the disease is already in a late stage and the ability to treat it successfully is not high. One of the ways that women can prevent breast cancer risk is to add the following foods to their healthy, nutritious diet.

Doctors recommend that women eat these three foods to prevent breast cancer
Can I Lower My Risk of Breast Cancer?

Food prevents breast cancer effectively

Black beans

In black beans, there are 8 different types of flavonoids, a compound that can reduce the damage of free radicals, alter cancer-causing cells? Besides black beans also contain Selenium and Saponin, Selenium is a mineral found only in black beans, which helps to detoxify some of the cancer-causing compounds in the body, and most of all prevent it from becoming coronary and reducing tumor growth rate. Saponin helps prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading throughout the body.

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Sweet potato

A large amount of beta-carotene is found in the orange of sweet potatoes. This compound reduces the risk of breast cancer by 25% when eating regularly.

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Furthermore, sweet potato extract also reduces existing breast cancer tumors and prevents newly formed tumors by repairing cell damage and regulating cell proliferation.

Quail eggs

When it comes to quail eggs, everyone is very familiar with its convenience and delicious taste. Quail eggs are one of the foods with high nutritional value, especially in quail eggs which are rich in progesterone, which helps balance the endocrine body and prevent breast cancer.

Doctors recommend that women eat these three foods to prevent breast cancer

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Mushrooms contain an amount of vitamins B3 and B2 that reduce the risk of breast cancer. This food has anti-iodine and immune boosting properties. Mushrooms contain ingredients that help prevent estrogen growth, thus helping to prevent the development of breast cancer, controlling hormone levels. Mushrooms can be processed with green leafy vegetables.

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