Disney’s Hollywood Studios - The America's leading amusement park

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A trip to America will give you exciting experiences, as you discover many interesting things in this country. Among the various attractions, Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park stands out with its never-ending delights.

It really makes sure you don't want to leave even after being here for hours. Let's discover about this leading amusement park in the United States.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios - The Americas leading amusement park

Disney’s Hollywood Studios was opened on May 1, 1989 by The Walt Disney Company. The entertainment area is located in Bay Lake, Florida with an area of 55 hectares and Hollywood-inspired style from 1930 to 1940. Former President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company - Mr. Michael Eisner said that this is not a mere place on the map but a place where every dream exists. It is miraculous like an illusion yet realistic thanks to the power of advance technology. So, when you come here, anyone can become an artist in his own soul.

Ranked first in the world for the number of visitors, Disney's Hollywood Studios has always been the first name mentioned when talking about amusement parks. This is also a famous location used to create many impressive footages. Coming to this huge park, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in games that created the scenes in hit movies. It is just one of the many attractions that Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers visitors.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios - The Americas leading amusement park

Famous Walt Disney movies are re-created here with shows that evoke the most iconic, most noticeable images that attract millions of Hollywood moviegoers around the world. This will be the ideal destination for those who have loved ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘High School Musical’, ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids’, ‘Indiana Jones’ or ‘Journey into Narnia’... Whether you are a fan of Hollywood movies or not, you will still be fascinated by the spectacular scenes recreated in the fantasy studio of Disney's Hollywood Studios. Each year, there are large performances to entertain guests, and you can not only watch but also truly enjoy.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios - The Americas leading amusement park

This popular entertainment park is divided into six areas inspired by existing Hollywood venues and in Los Angeles. After many changes of layout and redesign, the image of the park is now perfect and attracts the attention of visitors. Besides, the main entrance of Disney's Hollywood Studios named Hollywood Boulevard is also a huge impression. The road surface is flat, each of the park's sales and service locations have unique themes. Near the gate is the entertainment tower Crossroads of the World. At the end of Hollywood Boulevard, the Grauman Chinese Theater is also popular with visitors.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios - The Americas leading amusement park

There is a clear lake called Echo is designed according to "California Crazy" architecture during the peak period of Hollywood movies. Lake Echo evokes visitors' curiosity and attention by three main points of George Lucas's famous characters and films. You can take a relaxing walk around here, breathe the air, enjoy the cool, peaceful space or take impressive photos under the trees.

The Grand Avenue area was inspired by the construction of a real place in the city of Los Angeles, attracting many visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It serves a variety of 3D, 4D movie shows and various performing arts shows. Besides, there are excellent food restaurants that you should try after visiting the park for a while.

Every year, at this leading amusement park in the United States, there are many exciting events such as ESPN at the end of winter, Star Wars weekend games in May and June, ABC Super Soap Weekend... Whenever you come here, there are pleasures to enjoy.

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