Discover the Pirates Week Festival at Cayman Islands

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If you're a fan of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, head to the Cayman Islands.

The most anticipated pirate week of the year will take place here from the first days of the November.

Discover the Pirates Week Festival at Cayman Islands

When do the Pirates Week Festival happen?

The Pirates Week Festival is held annually in the Cayman Islands in early November. This is an opportunity to promote and honor the culture of the Cayman. Most of the activities that take place during this festival are free.

Discover the Pirates Week Festival at Cayman Islands

In 2019, the Pirates Week Festival took place from November 1 - November 17. The festival was held in 3 islands: Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. Activities in this festival usually revolve around the topic of pirates.

Transform yourself into a Carribean pirate at the Cayman Pirates Week Festival

The festival lasts over 10 days with lots of unique activities. The festival will begin at Cayman Brac with welcome parades. The sun set as the campfire performances began.

After that, the festival will be forwarded to Grand Cayman. Here, visitors will be immersed in music, entertainment and beautiful fireworks display. The culmination of the festival is the "invasion" of pirates into George Town, where the Governor was captured.

Discover the Pirates Week Festival at Cayman Islands

There will be more than 30 events held on this island. Participating in the event, visitors will learn more about the secrets of pirates and their history. The caves and remnants of the ruins help you find out more about the time of the raging pirates.

The 2019 Pirates Week Festival ended in Little Cayman. Here, guests enjoyed great BBQ parties. The dinner included rum cake, bread stuffed with stew, chili jelly... Obviously, there was Rum - the drink that Jack Sparrow loves so much.

The activities taking place during the festival attract tens of thousands of visitors to Cayman Islands every year. Want to transform into a Carribean pirate? Simple, going to Cayman Islands is enough. During the festival days, you will be returning to the 17th and 18th centuries as in the series "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Where to rest during the Pirates Week Festival?

Visitors can rent a room at Cotton Tree. This resort is located on the West bank of the bay. It will take you about 10 minutes to walk to Seven Mile beach.

Discover the Pirates Week Festival at Cayman Islands

Before leaving, do not forget to buy handicrafts made from oil palm leaves as souvenirs. Coconut bags, hats and baskets are very popular here.

Do you admire the life of Captain Jack and the other pirates? Book a plane ticket to the United States to enjoy the Pirates Week Festival only in Cayman Islands!

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