Discover the beautiful fairy-like villages in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the few cities favored by nature as it has a pure beauty and fresh atmosphere.

Not only famous for its windmills, Amsterdam is also known by many for its canal systems, museums, parks and charming villages.

Discover the beautiful fairy-like villages in Amsterdam

Giethoorn village

Discover the beautiful fairy-like villages in Amsterdam

Located about 105-minute drive from Amsterdam, Giethoorn village is a place with extremely fresh air, a very peaceful and poetic scenery. Coming to this ancient village, you will feel like you are lost in the fairy world.

This village is special in that you will not find any roads when stopping here. The main means of transportation in Giethoorn village is the boat without motor, so no matter how fast you go, you will not make any bad noise in this "fairy world".

Giethoorn village was built around 1230. Its current lakes are made up of coal pits that have been mined for a long time. Gradually, people began to build islands and were connected by 176 bridges around the village. Therefore, visitors come here will have many interesting experiences and understand more why the ancient village of Giethoorn is called "Venice of the Netherlands".

Because there aren't any roads, everyone has to travel by boat

It's really hard to have a peaceful and poetic setting like this village. Other than the sound of ducks, you will never hear any other loud noise. Therefore, this will be the best resort for you when coming to Amsterdam.

The village of Volendam

Discover the beautiful fairy-like villages in Amsterdam

Volendam is a fishing village located about 20km north of Amsterdam. This place impresses most visitors by the beauty of the ancient fishing fleet of 240 ships that regularly dock at the harbor. Besides, the image of the locals dressed in traditional Dutch costumes always evokes visitors' indescribable enjoyment. Especially the clothes of the women, their clothes are long skirts, combined with aprons, pointed bonnet hats and wooden clogs make people love to watch forever.

It can be said that what makes Volendam more famous is the dike surrounding the fishing village. Previously, the dykes were only about 1m high for the purpose of protecting crops from flooding. Later, the sediment layer at the foot of the dike created by tides was thicker and wider, so the dikes were also strengthened to increase the height and width, embracing the new sedimentary areas. Then, over the years, new lands formed and created new villages.

In addition, the rows of old houses in the village of Volendam are also decorated with eye-catching graphics. The campus always has many blooming flowers blooming. Moreover, you can find souvenirs, traditional costumes, dolls, wooden clogs, watches, paintings ... in shops in the village. If you are looking for a picturesque tourist destination, the village of Volendam is a great option.

Marken village

Discover the beautiful fairy-like villages in Amsterdam

Located 15km from the center of Amsterdam, the Marken village is like a peaceful oasis, completely separate from the bustling daily life. The reason for it is that despite centuries have gone by, the people here still live in a different way from the outside. At the same time, their typical activities and lifestyles are still kept to this day.

Marken is very much like a fairy village "floating" on the water and stands out against the deep blue sky. It seems that everything here is also lovely and strangely charming. The houses in the village have an eye-catching design and are decorated with colorful flowers. All houses, lawns, windmills, shops ... are arranged in a harmonious layout with vivid, attractive colors.

Tourists coming here to visit are always happy. That's because the people here are always warm to strangers. More over the unique items from the souvenir shops here are what people cannot ignore... So, if you have the opportunity to come to Amsterdam, you must definitely take the time to visit this village.

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