Discover the American culinary culture

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The United States is a multi-ethnic, multicultural country, so the way of processing and enjoying American cuisine is also very rich. However, we can identify American culinary culture through fast food and hot dogs.

Steak, chicken, bacon – if it’s meat, it can be found in an American plate. But what may surprise you about American food is its diversity.

Discover the American culinary culture


Discover the American culinary culture

Americans generally don't value breakfast as much as Eastern countries - partly because they are busy, partly because they want to go on a diet. The most popular breakfast in the US is a cup of coffee or juice with a toast and peanut butter, or some cereal with fresh milk. A more generous breakfast will include fried eggs, toast and juice, but breakfasts like this are usually served on weekends.


Discover the American culinary culture

Lunch time for businesses in the US is usually very short - from 30-60 minutes. Therefore, for those who work, lunch is often eaten at work. For the more sophisticated people, they prepare lunch at home, but often, many Americans' lunches can be sandwiches that are both cost-saving and time-consuming. Sandwiches are often made with butter, sauces, mustard… and various fillings such as meat, cheese, fish, chicken, ham, cheese, peanuts, avocado, jam, thin slices of chicken or turkey, tuna, lettuce and beef... In addition, Americans also eat lunch with hamburger and hotdog. Because fast food in the US is very popular, the US is also known as the "paradise" of fast food with many world-famous brands such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC, Domino’s Pizza.


Discover the American culinary culture

This is the most important meal of the day and usually starts at 6 PM. Dinner is served with a variety of dishes including appetizers, main dishes, desserts and accompanying drinks. Popular appetizers are soup, mixed salad, bread with butter or cheese.... Main dishes include beefsteak, chicken, duck, sheep, seafood… Desserts include ice cream, fruit pudding... Americans often use white or red wine, beer, soda, or carbonated water such as Coke at dinner.

Because dinner is usually eaten fairly early, many Americans have a snack before bedtime. For example, children often drink milk or eat cakes, while adults often eat fruits, cakes and drink a little wine.

On weekends, Americans often cook barbecue at home and invite friends and relatives to join. And on clear days, they often organize picnics, camping at the park and bring prepared food.

For Americans, they eat more than Asians, so don't be surprised if you go to a restaurant and see that many Americans have a lot on their table. However, Americans are also very economical. They just order the food as much as they can eat it, and they will bring the leftover food home to eat at the next meal.

Some popular dishes in American culinary culture

Discover the American culinary culture

Fried chicken is a fusion of African and Scottish cuisine and today fried chicken has become a typical dish of Americans. You can enjoy fried chicken with hamburger. Besides fried chicken, the US is also known for sour dishes made from tubers, fruits. In addition, beefsteak is also a famous American dish. Beefsteak is made from a large piece of beef that is fried with fat, served with bread and chips.

On special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, turkey served with potato porridge is an indispensable dish. And during Halloween, people often cook pumpkin dishes.

Discover the American culinary culture

Nowadays, Americans tend to enjoy low-calorie, low-fat foods because the United States is the country with the largest proportion of obese people in the world. However, Americans still maintain the common food mentioned above.

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