Discover South Korean cuisine: The best dishes in Seoul 

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In recent years South Korea has become better known for its technology than its food.

Many people go to Seoul just because they "miss" the attractive food of this city. Korean cuisine is just simply excellent. Let's explore the delicious dishes that are hard to ignore when you come to Seoul.

The best dishes in Seoul 

Samyetang - ginseng chicken soup

Discover South Korean cuisine: The best dishes in Seoul 

Combining greasy chicken and nutritious ginseng, Samyetang conquers all those who have ever enjoyed it. For a long time, Koreans in general have known how to use ginseng to prepare food, both in increasing the taste and adding nutrients. When you eat this ginseng chicken soup, you will feel the charm of Seoul cuisine as well as many other places.

Bulgogi - grilled beef

From the top-class steak, the cook is sliced thinly, then marinated with a very rich spice mixture. Spices include soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, garlic, stop, onions, ... After soaking in the mixture for about 4 hours, the meat is either grilled over charcoal or fried with hot oil. When the fragrant aroma spreads, the meat is tender and can be enjoyed. This dish is served with kimchi and vegetables.


Discover South Korean cuisine: The best dishes in Seoul 

In addition to kimchi, gimbap is the leading food in Seoul cuisine. This famous rice dish is quite similar to Japanese sushi but has a larger size and the inside is much more diverse. After the dried seaweed roll outside is white rice, the middle consists of eggs, pickled radish, carrots, cucumbers, tuna. Sometimes people even put kimchi in to enhance the flavor of gimbap.

Galbi beef

The people of Seoul like to eat Galbi beef ribs in daily meals or ceremonies, great parties. If you have this dish, you will definitely eat a lot of rice because of the attraction that makes people unable to enjoy it. The pieces of beef or pork ribs are carefully marinated and baked to fragrant, sprinkle a little more vegetables and sesame seeds more attractive. Galbi grilled ribs has been voted as one of the 50 world famous delicacies.


Discover South Korean cuisine: The best dishes in Seoul 

Mandu is the name of a traditional dish of Seoul, also known as gunmandu. At first glance it looks like Chinese wonton or Japanese gyoza, but the difference lies in the filling. Inside the white flour is tofu, minced beef, pork, garlic, ginger, onions, scallions, noodles, red beans, etc. One can make mandu in a variety of ways. The most common mandus are steamed, boiled or fried. This dish can also be eaten with kimchi and chili sauce.


Visitors should not forget to try the unique Twigim. This is the street food loved by young Seoulites and anyone who comes here is also conquered. You can choose between many types of Twigim being processed differently. Usually people dough on vegetables, deep-fried and put into baskets, baskets to present very attractive.

Grilled squid

Discover South Korean cuisine: The best dishes in Seoul 

Not dried squid, these are freshly grilled and grilled. After seasoning them, people will bake on embers until the yellow ink is extremely attractive. The body of the squid is thinly sliced but not completely removed from each other, the goal is to allow the seasoning to taste and bake easier. To enhance the deliciousness, diners will eat this dish with sauce and chili sauce.


Patbingsu, also known as red bean ice cream, is the most beloved dessert in Seoul on hot days. Enjoy a cool glass of ice cream, and you will experience each attractive flavor from red beans, rice cakes, shaved ice, milk, cream, cereal flour, jelly to chopped fruits. Sometimes people also sprinkle a little peanuts or coconut on top to make the Patbingsu taste better.

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