Discover Japanese autumn in Nagano and Niigata

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The Nagano mountain area has many of Japan's highest mountains, the top destination with mountain resorts and hot springs. Niigata has pristine coastal plains, nestled in the middle of autumn-covered mountain terrain.

Nagano City, which has the highest life expectancy in Japan

Discover Japanese autumn in Nagano and Niigata

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About an hour and a half away from Tokyo by the Shinkansen high-speed train, Nagano is home to the beautiful surrounding mountainous areas like Hakuba, Togakushi and Shiga Kogen. One special thing is that Nagano people have the highest life expectancy in Japan, which is thought to be due to the daily diet. To Nagano you will be able to try traditional and healthy Japanese dishes like shinshu soba (buckwheat noodles), fermented foods (like natto and miso), pickled mushrooms and wild vegetables from the surrounding mountains. ...

See beautiful autumn leaves in Matsumoto city

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Matsumoto city is another ideal place to see beautiful autumn foliage. You can get to Matsumoto - the second largest city in Nagano - by Azusa or Super Azusa express trains from Shinjuku station, which normally takes about two and a half hours.

Besides being a place suitable for excursions in the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto is also famous for Matsumoto Castle, one of the country's most charming castles. Matsumoto Castle is even more beautiful when surrounded by autumn foliage of the city in late October, creating an unforgettable scene. People in Matsumoto often use spring water from the Alps to cook. One of the special delicacies in Matsumoto is basashi - horse sashimi.

Come to Niigata to enjoy sushi and Sake

Discover Japanese autumn in Nagano and Niigata

Located along the Japanese coast, Niigata city is one of the top rice producing places in Japan. This is also a popular place for travelers who want to venture into nearby mountainous areas. You can get to Niigata city from Tokyo after two hours by shinkansen train. From Niigata you can go to Yahiko Park to see autumn leaves.

As a leading rice producer in Japan, Niigata cuisine has many rice-related dishes such as sake and senbei (rice cake). Niigata is also the number one Japanese sake maker in Japan. Moreover, due to being located on the coast, Niigata is famous for fresh seafood.

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Sushi was born as a perfect combination of delicious rice and fresh seafood in Niigata region. Kiwami Sushi is Niigata's most famous dish, it is a plate of ten different premium sushi. In a typical serving, you can eat salmon eggs, sea urchins, fatty tuna and other seafood depending on the season. If you love sushi, you definitely won't be able to stop by Niigata.

In addition to experiencing a full trip, carefully plan travel destinations and vehicles if you choose to travel on your own. You can choose a reputable travel agency if you choose to travel by tour to optimize your trip experience.

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