Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

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Traveling in the Japan’s capital will be easier and more convenient as you learn in advance about the great things you are going to experience.

Take note the  interesting activities below  and enjoy a fun trip.

Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

  1. View the city from above

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has skyscrapers that tourists can go to admire the panoramic beauty of the city below. A wonderful vivid picture will appear when you look from above. Try some famous places such as Skytree tower (634m high), Town hall (202m high) or Tokyo tower (333m high).

In particular, on the towers, you can observe the city in many different ways. For example, seeing breathtaking views through a transparent prism at your feet or swinging a rope to test your courage in the hallways. You should come at night to witness a beautiful scenery, a shimmering fancier city than ever.

  1. The scenery in the ancient temples

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

Everyone knows that Japan in general and Tokyo city are the perfect place to combine modernity and traditional beauty. Therefore, do not only care about the monumental architecture, the great scientific inventions... Try searching the ancient values. Many ancient temples in the city are the destinations to be explored and extremely loved by visitors.

Entering the temples, most of you will feel the rustic simplicity that Japanese people applied from ancient times. The ancient pagodas with thoughtful and quiet looks make the mood of people gentle and pleasant. If you don't have much time, go to Senso-ji Temple first.

  1. Feel the pace of the city when crossing the street

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

It is a street named Shibuya, which is considered one of the most crowded places at all times. Shibuya is also the busiest street in the world and especially, many people enjoy crossing the street without any purpose. Because they want to feel the hurried, modern life of Tokyo.

At 5, 6 PM, try this experience, you will be surprised with the fun of this. Each lane is quickly crowded but everyone is excited, not uncomfortable. Around the street are huge commercial centers, many large architectural works that make the landscape even more vivid.

  1. Enjoy Japanese pancakes

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

You should not skip enjoying Japanese pancakes when coming to Tokyo. It would be flawed to not include the name of pancakes on the list of the most delicious specialties in this city. If you think that Tokyo has only sushi, teriyaki or tempura, then add pancakes.

Tokyo pancakes are made from rice flour mixed with toppings such as shrimp, minced meat, green vegetables. After frying until cooked, people will add Japanese mayonnaise with seaweed and grated fish on the cake.

  1. Join the world-famous cosplay trend

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

For those of you who don't know, cosplay is a fun game where young people dress up like famous anime or manga characters. This trend originated in Japan and is loved by young people around the world.

Young people often gather at Yoyogi Park located opposite to Harajuku on Sundays to have fun and get creative. If you like, you can also try to have these memories. Many visitors also enjoy taking photos with local cosplayers. But remember to consult with them before taking pictures to show your courtesy.

  1. Enjoy sushi in a special way

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

Sushi is a famous traditional food in Tokyo. Everyone who comes here wants to enjoy this dish at least once. But have you ever thought about eating sushi in a modern way? Customers just need to touch the image of food on the smart electronic screen, and sushi will run out on the "train" very funny.

It's new and modern, but it’s not expensive at all. On the contrary, you do not have to worry about the price when going to these places. Usually people want to promote the image of traditional food and their smart work services when launching such innovative products.

  1. Visit the Tsukiji fish market

    Discover interesting experiences in Tokyo, Japan

Tsukiji Fish Market is an indispensable destination in the journey to explore Tokyo. Here, visitors will admire countless strange marine creatures that are not easy to see elsewhere. Especially, tunas with huge size are extremely impressive.

If you want to participate in the auction, you should go to the market at about 5 AM, because later this place would be very crowded. The biggest fishes are presented to the participants for auction. Just like that, the auction took place in the excitement of both the player and the viewer.

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