Detecting mysterious light from "Area 51" twice in two days

Articles Jul 31, 2019 12:29

A passenger flying through the famous area of the US 51 has announced that he recorded a series of bright lights appearing in this secret area.

In his footage, a bright object dazzles in the night sky. It has a spherical appearance and remains motionless throughout the four-minute video.

Just two days later, two dazzling lights appeared in the same location – this time taking on more of an orange haze. After just 20 seconds, they seemed to completely vanish.

Watch: Detecting mysterious light from "Area 51" twice in two days

Showdaam claims the objects were filmed over Area 51, but more specifically above The Sheep Mountain Range in Nevada which is in the region of the base.

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Homey Airport – commonly known as Area 51 – is a highly-classified United States Air Force facility in the Mojave Desert.

Detecting mysterious light from Area 51 twice in two days
A mysterious bright object appeared twice in two days (Pic: YOUTUBE/SHOWDAAM)

Conspiracy theorists have long claimed the base is hiding extraterrestrial life and more than two million people have signed up to a campaign to raid the facility to find out once and for all. And the latest footage has added to the fascination, with dozens commenting their thoughts.


“That’s definitely an odd UFO,” one wrote.

Another added: “That’s weird.”

Renowned YouTube conspiracist The Hidden Underbelly re-posted the footage and shared his thoughts as well.

“With this being in Area 51 territory, this could be one of two things.

“[It is either] an experimental or reverse engineered military craft or something off-worldly.”

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