Cute Texas A&M Student Takes Crazy Senior Photos With Her 14-Foot Alligator Best Friend

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Taking your college senior photos is really just a massive pissing contest for the entire student body. When you took them in high school you had to do whatever your parents wanted because they were the ones paying; now that you’re 21, mom and dad are still paying for your entire life even though you’re “independent” and an “adult” now, so fuck them do whatever you like. Texas A&M senior Makenzie Noland, however, managed to choose pictures that even her parents might like.

You see, Noland spent the past three months doing an internship at Gator Country, an alligator adventure park in Beaumont, Texas. She says that it took a few weeks, but after that she became fast friends with her 14-foot alligator BFF, “Big Tex.”

“It’s just like how your dog would treat you if you treat him well,” Noland told The Wichita Eagle. “He’s one of my best friends here.”

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And while Big Tex may look scary, it turns out he’s always been a friendly sort of alligator. Originally living in the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, Big Tex reportedly became “a little too friendly” as he’d lost his fear of humans since tourists were constantly feeding him.

Even though he hadn’t attacked anyone, the refuge decided to err on the side of caution and sent him to live at Gator Country.

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As for Makenzie Noland, she’s set to graduate on Friday with a degree in wildlife ecology. Ideally she hopes to land a job at the Dallas Zoo, but will be looking at all zoos in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

[H/T The Wichita Eagle]

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