Cute Substitute Teacher Arrested For Sending ‘Inappropriate Messages And Pictures’ To Students

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Teaching was presumably a fun gig back in the good ol’ days where you could chuck erasers and books at the kids for misbehaving, but now? Nothing. Can’t hit the bratty kids, and the ones who do behave get penalized since the teacher has to take time out of the lesson plan to deal with the idiot in the corner drinking glue. Of course, that’s not to say that 35-year-old substitute teacher Amanda Lenea Pardue should’ve been sending “inappropriate messages and pictures” to any of her students.

Cute Substitute Teacher Arrested For Sending ‘Inappropriate Messages And Pictures’ To Students

Yes, you’re supposed to reward the well-behaved kids – but not with what I’m assuming are nudes and sexts. According to Chattanooga’s Times Free Press, police began investigating Amanda Lenea Pardue back in August for sending “inappropriate messages and pictures of herself to ‘several’ 14-year-old boys.” Despite the salacious implications of whatever “inappropriate messages and pictures” could mean, neither the Georgia Bureau of Investigation nor the Dade County Schools have been willing to release any further details – though Pardue was immediately fired from her teaching position after the allegations against Pardue came to light. "We are saddened to learn about the arrest of a former substitute teacher," [Dade County Schools Superintendent] Harris said in a statement Thursday. "This individual is no longer employed as a substitute teacher with Dade County Schools. We are cooperating with law enforcement officers as they investigate this matter." As for Amanda Lenea Pardue, however, her lawyer says that the problems started when she was included in a group message with multiple underage boys; he believes that the authorities are “targeting communications between Pardue and the boys on Snapchat.”

“My greatest concern is that [the Georgia Bureau of Investigations] had one thing that they saved, and not the rest,” her lawyer explains. “Anything can be taken out of context if you had a one-sentence conversation.”

And he’s got a point – like, if Pardue was teaching biology and she sent a picture of her boob to a group message with 14-year-old boys, it would probably seem like she’s trying to groom them when in reality she’s just giving them a first-hand lesson on nipples. The law has not caught up with technology, and Amanda Lenea Pardue seems like she’s being harassed for becoming a pioneer in teaching.

Cute Substitute Teacher Arrested For Sending ‘Inappropriate Messages And Pictures’ To Students

In the meantime, Pardue was charged with electronically furnishing obscene materials to minors, as well as electronic pornography and child exploitation. She turned herself into the Dade County Jail on Thursday, and was released on $30,000 bond; any further charges or court dates are still pending.

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