Crush texting? Apply immediately 5 tips so he just wants to talk to you forever

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If he is your crush, how can this conversation not be the last? You are secretly noticing him but not brave enough to start a conversation.

Suddenly a beautiful day, crush actively chat with you. What should you do? Of course your task is to show that you are a cool and interesting girl.

But how? Read and apply immediately 5 tips below!

Your first answer will determine the outcome of the whole conversation

It sounds a little serious, right? But try to imagine 2 cases like this:

- Case 1: He just "Hi!" then you immediately "Hi hi hello. It's been a long time since I texted you. It's beautiful today, isn't it?"

- Case 2: He just "Hi", you are determined to play the cold-hearted girl by throwing him a big question mark instead of the answer.

You can guess the outcome of both cases by yourself, right? Either he will run away, or the conversation will "freeze". Anyway, the ending is "we don't belong together".

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Crush texting? Apply immediately 5 tips so he just wants to talk to you forever

Don't be too friendly:

A huge, big mistake that girls make when they see a crush on text is to always try to be too friendly and natural. Of course, being a natural and witty girl will make the boys feel excited when talking to them, but do not consider him a close friend to spoil your madness. One way that "good-natured" girls often apply: Instead of immediately asking why he is texting, they often start with seemingly less relevant questions, such as asking about his last updated status.


Crush texting? Apply immediately 5 tips so he just wants to talk to you forever

This method can be applied to any relationship, whether new or familiar. He will feel more comfortable knowing that you are also willing to share about yourself. For example, he said that today he walked on X path, for example. You can tell him the story of the day before you and your best friend got lost on that path, for example. It is also a way to bring up the topic for the next story. Of course the story should be short and humorous would be more appropriate.


As mentioned above, don't try to "rob the mic". Let him have a chance to speak.

Ask questions:

Of course, when you crush people, you also have their interests and interests in the palm of your hand. So, it's not difficult for you to "talk", right? Well, when asking, it should be a little tricky, don't make him feel like he's going for an interview or "backward reaction": how does this guy know about me so much, it's a bit scary already!

Be yourself:

Crush texting? Apply immediately 5 tips so he just wants to talk to you forever

You shouldn't be naive when talking just because you think he likes it. Also, don't try to imitate someone's sharp talk if it's not you. If that guy doesn't like your true self, then where does the relationship go?

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If he lets you do it yourself too much, you don't need to continue: Agree that you should take the lead so that the conversation doesn't go to a dead end. If you're a delicate guy, he'll recognize your hard work and take it seriously. But if you encounter a genuine playboy, while texting with you, he is still busy "listening" a few more girls then surely your conversation will take place in a slow motion style - slow murmur and less interest. At this point, you should clear off. There is no reason that you have to try to hold a conversation lead to nothing, right?

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