Creative man on Twitter: his tire Photoshops

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There are many reasons to tell your boss that you are busy and get out during work hours. See the fun reason for this unique man.

Most would just call up and make an excuse about having a bug or something the rest of the office doesn’t want to catch, but just what lengths are people willing to go to for an extra day in bed?

Well, one fella trumped us all with his creativity in proving to his boss he’d be unable to make it into work, and fair play, he deserves a day off after all that effort.

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Creative man on Twitter: his tire Photoshops

Someone who goes by the name of Papa Boardslide took to Twitter to share his creative Photoshop skills after apparently convincing his boss he had a productivity-debilitating flat tire.

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He told his followers:

Proudest moment of my life was photoshopping my tire being flat to get out of work, I really finessed.[sic]

Papa Boardslide even shared a before and after picture of his car both with and without a flat tire, and it’s pretty convincing.

In true Twitter style, the twitizens responded by sharing their own brilliant sicky stories which have left me wondering whether anyone actually goes to work.

One Twitter user, who goes by the name of Red Rich Roses, replied: ‘I used to work two jobs and I Photoshopped one of my schedules and sent it to the other so I could have some time off.’

Michelle Del replied: I had friends that used to look at obituaries to get out of work. They’d get out of night shifts by saying they had to go to a wake and would get out of day shifts by having to go to a funeral.

Just, wow.

Meanwhile, others thought Papa Boardslide should’ve gone a little deeper with the Photoshop, and started throwing their own edits into the mix.

Mikos Von Beaver has said he ‘should’ve taken the whole week off,’ and sent a pretty grim picture of a couple of people lying on the lawn, presumably having been hit by the car.

Creative man on Twitter: his tire Photoshops

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And sure enough, someone took it that one step further by adding flames to the house, which would take his day from bad to much, much worse.

Anyway, props to Papa Boardslide, but sharing his story on Twitter might not have been the smartest move. Bosses have Twitter too, you know.

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