Counselling Service Available For Game Of Thrones Fans To Talk Through Show’s Ending

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Guys. This is it. After eight long (and brilliant) years, Game of Thrones is no more. We knew the day had to arrive, but did it have to arrive so fast?

Understandably, fans of the show are going to be devastated that they will no longer be able to escape to Westeros whenever they feel like it. To be honest though, it’s more likely they’ll be devastated about that ending…

Which is why a counselling service has been set up for Game of Thrones fans so they can talk through the show’s ending in a safe space.

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The final episode aired in the US last night (May 19) and let’s just say, fans were divided over many things – in particular, the new occupant of the Iron Throne. Seriously though, Bran?!

Don’t fret though, because a counselling service has been set up for people who might want to talk over their feelings about the ending with a professional who has knowledge of the show.

Through, an online local service marketplace, you can find a counsellor in your local area to help guide you through life after Game of Thrones.

Counselling Service Available For Game Of Thrones Fans To Talk Through Show’s EndingHBO

The counselling sessions can take place face-to-face, in a group session, on the phone or via Skype, and will charge £20 for a 30 minute session or £40 for an hour long session. Fans can book as many sessions as they like with their chosen counsellor.

As per the website:

The finale of the show was always going to leave fans distraught after eight years of enjoyment, so we’ve launched a specialised Game of Thrones counselling service to help bereft fans seek support and get the help they need through this tough time.

Fans can speak to qualified counsellors (who are familiar with the series) to discuss plot twists and storylines. The professionals will help them digest their feelings and interpretation of the show, which could range from anger and confusion to sadness and grief.

Most importantly the counsellors will be on hand to guide fans on how to move on after almost a decade of fandom.

Counselling Service Available For Game Of Thrones Fans To Talk Through Show’s Ending


The point of the sessions are to help those who have become attached to the storylines, as is the case with many films and TV shows.

Lynette, a counsellor from said in a statement, as per CNN:

We watch them to escape our daily lives and immerse ourselves into the ‘unknown’. This is the very reason why we sometimes become addicted to watching them, the stories they tell become part of our identity.

So whether you need to talk about the remaking of season eight, Dany’s death, or that plastic bottle that somehow appeared on set, the service has your back.

Now if you’ll just excuse me while I go binge watch all eight seasons.

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