Congressman Proves He’s Totally Not Racist By Telling Reporters ‘My Son Is Named After A Black Guy’

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Poor guy might’ve gotten away with this if it was still 2012, but in 2018? No way. We’ve hit that point in our timeline where you can’t say “I’m  not a racist, BUT…” without anything following the “but” sounding truly awful. “I’m not a racist, BUT I love tacos.” See how bad that sounds even though there’s nothing wrong with it? It’s like telling parents “Don’t worry, I’m not a pedophile” as your oversized ass squeezes down the slide at a playground – sure you might be right, but did you really have to say anything at all? The same goes for Scott Taylor, a congressman from Virginia currently campaigning re-election who recently told reporters that Democrats are “stupid”…followed immediately by him shoving his foot in his mouth: “I don’t give a shit about Corey Stewart,” Taylor told The Virginian-Pilot. “No one else does either except for Democrats who are trying to target me. ... No one cares, except for a small teeny amount of people you met at the cupcake place. What are they trying to say? That Scott Taylor likes Corey Stewart so therefore he’s a racist?”

“Do you think that’s going to play here?” Taylor continued. “My son is named after a black guy. I’m a military guy. We don’t give a shit about where you come from. Black, white, brown, gay, straight. I don’t care.”(via) (For the record, Cory Stewart’s senate campaign has been plagued with accusations of racism, including that he supposedly supports another Wisconsin candidate with nationalist and anti-Semitic views.)

Congressman Proves He’s Totally Not Racist By Telling Reporters ‘My Son Is Named After A Black Guy’

Silly Scott Taylor. It doesn’t matter if your son was named after OJ Simpson or Morgan Freeman: you just can’t say “I named him after a black dude.” If you wanted to say something like that, it’d have to sound something like “I chose to bestow upon my first-born child the name of a strong, independent African American soldier I fought alongside with in Afghanistan.” And technically, that’s accurate – Taylor had to follow-up on Twitter to explain the quote…

It's really sad, but perhaps not surprising, that @thehill & writer Aris Folley, would editorialize baselessly trying to make someone out to be a racist Oh...& yes the kid was named after a black guy who was killed giving his life for them in Afghanistan.

— Scott Taylor (@Scotttaylorva) July 9, 2018

…which honestly comes off as a little callous, as Taylor’s fallen comrade is still only being referred to as “a black guy.” Sounds like Scott Taylor has a lot of black friends: that one guy who does his dry cleaning, that other duded who fixed his AC last summer, and that one guy down at the gym who lets him get away with calling him “homeboy” once a week.

All jokes aside – this isn’t really racist. It’s just shocking to see people these days still not understand the rules of engagement when it comes to determining what’s going to make a great soundbite and what isn’t. Even good ol’ George Dubbya figured that one out…

…even if it was mid-speech.

[H/T The Hill]

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