Channel 5: The main role in the second season is looking for naughty dogs

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Channel 5's Dogs Behaving (Very) program Badly is looking for naughty dogs to match their plans.

Many pet owners understand the everyday struggle of coming home find out their dog has chewed a hole in every single one of their shoes/pissed all over the sofa/found the food stash and eaten seven days' worth of Pedigree Chum in 10 minutes... delete as appropriate.

If this sounds like you and your four-legged friend, then perhaps you should get in touch with the production team of Channel 5 show Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly, as they're after some wayward pups to take part in the programme's second series.

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Channel 5: The main role in the second season is looking for naughty dogs
Host Graeme Hall. Credit: Channel 5

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A call-out on the Channel 5 website reads: "If you need Graeme's help with your dog's bad behavior and would like to take part in the next series of Dogs Behaving Very Badly please contact the production team at or call 020 7598 7365."

The show is fronted by dog trainer Graeme Hall (aka the 'DogFather'), who finds long-term solutions for a variety of pooch-related problems.

He tweeted recently to say filming for the second season would begin 'soon'.

The first series of the show was a hit with viewers, covering everything from super-strong Labradors, bereaved Terriers and aggressive Collies through to stroppy Bassett Hounds, overzealous guard dogs and even a rampaging pug cross called Dolly Parton.

In season one, Hall also met two miniature schnauzers with an 'attitude problem', who had such a bad reputation in their area that they were known locally as the Krays - yup, the notorious London criminals who headed up a spate of organized crime in the East End throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

By the sounds of it, Hall can tackle just about anything, meaning there's hope for those with an unruly pet - like the person whose dog ate their copy of Fifa. Or the people who came home to find their dog had not only stolen their neighbour's post but also ripped it open to reveal a brand new sex toy. Awkward.

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