Chandrayaan 2 Will The First Spacecraft To Reach Moon's South Pole And Unveil Its Secret

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ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft gets ready to be the world first to reach to Moon in July 15, India's second Moon mission is looking promising and well on its way. While being close to Earth, Moon still have some secrets that are waiting to be uncover. Let's have a read about this mission that will unveil the mystery of Moon's South Pole.

As ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft gets ready to finally lift off from Sriharikota on July 15, India's second moon mission will be well and truly on its way.

Chandrayaan 2 is also scheduled to set down a rover named Pragyan on the lunar south pole and help uncover the mystery of our Moon's origin once and for all.

Chandrayaan 2  Will The First Spacecraft To Reach Moons South Pole And Unveil Its Secret

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As ISRO scientists and engineers finish applying the final tweaks to their Chandrayaan 2 launch preparation, going through various simulations and completing it with precision, it would help set some context for this India's second moon mission.

Why are we sending another space probe and a lunar rover to moon? What are we going to find there? What's the scope of ISRO Chandrayaan 2's exploration?

All of these are great questions to have, and ISRO has already provided an interesting answer to one of those questions on their Twitter handle.

Chandrayaan 2  Will The First Spacecraft To Reach Moons South Pole And Unveil Its Secret

One of Chandrayaan 2's mission is to find the origin of moon

In no uncertain terms, ISRO mentioned how Chandrayaan 2's going to help piece together the moon origin puzzle, either confirming one of the existing theories or coming up with a new one altogether.

Some of you may even know two of those four existing moon origin stories: that the moon either formed because of Earth's high rotation speed, ejecting particles that overtime fused together and started spinning around our planet (Fission Theory) or that some space rock impacted earth and broke away a piece which later became the moon that we now see (Giant Impact Hypothesis).

The other two theories are Moon Capture -- moon was untethered to earth, and just got caught under earth's gravity as it flew too close -- and Co-Creation Theory -- that earth and moon were simultaneously created from the same gas cloud while orbiting a black hole hundreds of millions of years ago.

Chandrayaan 2  Will The First Spacecraft To Reach Moons South Pole And Unveil Its Secret

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ISRO also hints in the tweet of the possibility of a fifth alternative origin theory of the moon, and it's hoping to confirm any one of the five with the Chandrayaan 2 mission and its included Pragyan rover.

Here's hoping that ISRO and Chandrayaan 2 can finally give us the answer to the question of moon's origin, when it becomes the world's first mission sent to the lunar south pole region.

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