Certain islands must arrive in Greece

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The islands in Greece have a charming and attractive beauty that anyone with a romantic and soul-loving soul of Nature loves and desires to set foot.

Browse a list of islands that you must arrive if you want to visit Greece for your upcoming trip.


Certain islands must arrive in Greece
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  Santorini is the supermodel of the Greek islands, a person who turns the head with the face can immediately recognize the world: The colorful cliffs of the sunken crater, headed by the white buildings cleared. With a reputation for brilliant panoramic paintings, romantic sunsets, and volcanic sand beaches, it's hardly surprising that the island is on the list of many tourists.  

The beach on the east coast is lined with black sand; On the south coast, there is a series of beaches known for their multi-colored sand beach – the impressive Red Beach is the favorite tourist destination.  

The island's interiors are dotted with vineyards and traditional villages that allow you to look beyond the hustle and bustle of tourists. Make a stop at Pyrgos for great dining and wander through the charming little streets.  

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Certain islands must arrive in Greece
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  Among the islands of the Cyclades, even in the world, Milos stands brilliantly in art history. Not because a great artist comes from here, or is inspired by it, but for a chance to explore in its land.  

Striking with its majestic atmosphere, rich history, picturesque fishing village, great food and Bay of Indigo, Milos Island is a timeless Cycladic gem that will steal your breath with its enchanting beauty. The diversity of the landscapes in Milos is not real-you will not see anything twice, there is always something new to explore. Home to the statue of Venus of Milo discovered on the island and the stunning Sarakiniko beach, the beauty of Milos is in many ways!


Certain islands must arrive in Greece
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  Astypalea is said to be one of the most beautiful islands of Dodecanese! The small island-shaped butterfly has yet to be explored by mass tourism, so it boasts a peaceful atmosphere.   Although the Greek Astypalea belonged to the Dodecanese Island group, it features the Cycladic architecture. The Venetian castle atop a hill in Chora, the traditional windmill and whitewashed houses make for a magical backdrop that never fails to seduce visitors!  

The beaches of Astypalea are mostly unorganized and secluded, offering the perfect setting for those who seek privacy and want to relax from the hustle and bustle. But there is more to do here than lying on the beach!


Certain islands must arrive in Greece
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  Kythira is a beautiful island located south of the Peloponnese. Although the island of Kythira in the Ionian Islands, it is located far away from the rest of the Ionian neighbors, it is a secluded island.  

The island's architecture is strongly influenced by the Venetian people, who ruled the island in the Middle Ages. On a hill above Chora, there is a medieval castle, a relic of the Venetian era, which offers stunning views of the Aegean sea. It's the best place to watch the sunset!  

The most tourist places in Kythira are Kapsali, Agia Pelagia, Avlemonas and Diakofti while driving around the island will take you to great Kythira beaches, picturesque monasteries, and even ghost villages.   Maybe You're interested in How many islands in Hawaii?


Certain islands must arrive in Greece
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  Try a one-time visit to Crete to enjoy the Dakos salad – local specialties made from Thai dried bread or dry barley flour covered with Thai tomatoes or cheese chips, cream or olive oil.   The island is famous for its olive oil, which is also home to rustic dishes with fresh meats, cheeses, and wines produced in the studio.  

You can dine with food as herbs picked up from nearby hillsides, or to coastal seafood restaurants to enjoy the freshest seafood caught during the day.  

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