Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children

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The pink dolphin is a species that has a unique feature: it can live in warm or temperate waters anywhere in the world. One of the 34 most famous marine mammals, it is sociable, intelligent and popular in the 60s thanks to the television program Flipper.

Additionally, the bottlenose dolphin boasts “special protection” status to avoid being hunted for commercial purposes. This is why when a pink subspecies appeared on the Calcasieu River in the United States, everyone was surprised and immediately wanted to see it.

Break is worried about the alarming environmental issues that our planet is facing and would like to share this good news on the striking species that step by step is beginning to bear offspring.

1. Is this a rare subspecies of the bottlenose dolphin?

Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children

It was 2007 when Captain Erik Reu was sailing down the Calcasieu River in Louisiana, United States. Everything appeared normal until he noticed a group of bottlenose dolphins. In his attempt to view such a scene, he was taken by surprise when he realized that one of them was pink. According to Reu, the dolphin seemed to be in excellent condition and since then, he has been able to catch a glimpse of it several times.

“I feel very fortunate to have seen this incredible mammal and lucky to be able to work and live in the area where such a fantastic creature frequents.”

Erick Reu, Captain on the Calcasieu Charter Service

2. It could be albino or suffer from a type of dimorphism.

Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children
© Calcasieu Charter Service / Youtube  

So far, there is no scientific or conclusive evidence as to why this bottlenose dolphin and its companion, the pink dolphin, are this color. Some suppose it is because of sexual dimorphism which is a difference in the shape, size, and color of features in males and females of the same species. Meanwhile, Greg Barsh, a scientist at the HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Institute in Alabama, believes that the bottlenose dolphin could be albino because of a genetic variation of color.

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3. The truth lies in the color of its eyes.

Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children
© Erik Rue / Calcasieu Charters  

One of the most revealing signs that would unveil the dolphin’s albino condition is the color of its eyes, which according to Captain Reu, are red. It’s likely that its parents were carriers of the gene mutation that would breed a pink colored mammal, therefore, they produced a pink dolphin.

4. The dolphin has been seen together with 2 small dolphins of the same color.

Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children

Thomas Adams, a local sailor, revealed that Pinky, the dolphin that appeared in 2007, still lives in the river and now swims close to others. “I have heard that there were 2 pink dolphins. Well, there definitely are,” he said in his video.

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5. Everyone is startled when they see them.

Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children

In 2017, a couple saw the animals. “It was amazing to see them! We saw 2, but we could not record them at the time. I was surprised,” said Bridget Boudreaux, who recorded the video that would later become famous throughout the United States.

6. Pinky could have 2 babies which would be big news.

Breakthrough: Rare Pink Dolphin gave birth to children
© Thomas Adams / Facebook  

With these videos as evidence, the theory that Pinky could have babies has emerged. This is excellent news for the preservation of the exotic pink species of bottlenose dolphins.

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Preview photo credit Calcasieu Charter Service / Youtube, Erik Rue / Calcasieu Charters


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