Best places to visit in Japan

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Japan Travel is one of the top favorite choices in Asia with its worldwide visitors. With white snow particles and blooming cherry blossoms, we feel a strange charm.

If you are also looking for tourist destinations in Japan, check out a list by Break listed below.

Mt. Fuji

Best places to visit in Japan
Source: NTA America

  No doubt about the most recognizable place in Japan, the majestic Fuji-San (Mt. Fuji) is also the country's highest peak, 3,776 meters above a largely flat landscape in the south and the east, and high enough to see from Tokyo more than 100 away from the tree. Mt. Fuji for centuries has been honored in art and literature and is now regarded as a very important symbol that UNESCO has recognized its world cultural significance in the year 2013.  

Part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Mount Fuji is climbed by over a million people every summer as an act of pilgrimage, which culminates in watching the sunrise from its top. Although some people still choose to start climbing from the base, the majority of the climbers now start on the half-way, at Station 5, which leads to an increase of six hours or more manageable. Of course, for many people, just looking at the mountain remotely, or from the comfort of a super-speed train, is enough to say "already there, did that".  

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Tokyo Imperial Palace

Best places to visit in Japan
Source: Japan Guide

  Kōkyo is the birthplace of the emperor, located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. It is located within the residence of Edo Castle, once a palace of the Tokugawa shogunate. Since Meiji 2nd (1869) onwards, the emperor Meiji moved the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo and selected it as a royal palace. With over 1000 years of history, Kōkyo Imperial Palace is the birthplace of several generations of emperors. In Kōkyo, Gosho is the birthplace of the emperor; Kyuden hosts events; Chōsha is the place concerning the work of the Government; Momiji-Yama Goyōsanjo is a place to grow mulberry. Here you can also see the ruins of Edo Castle like Fushimiyakura. It is also the attraction of Kōkyo's attractions.  

Kōkyo is free of charge for guests visiting 2 times 1 day from 10:00 and from 13:30 and can visit both inside the Imperial Household Agency after conducting the prescribed procedures. On Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and days from 21/7 ~ 31/8, 28/12 ~ 4/1 Kōkyo Closes the stop of serving visitors.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Best places to visit in Japan
Source: Japan Guide

  Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park (記念, Heiwa Kinen Kōen) is one of the city's most prominent highlights. Even visitors not looking for, it will probably stumble on the park over 120,000 square meters. Trees, grass rugs and walking paths are completely opposed to the surrounding downtown area.  

Prior to the bombing, the area of the present-day Peace Park was the political and commercial center of the city. For this reason, it was chosen as the target of the pilot. Four years to the day after the bomb was dropped, it was decided that the area would not be redeveloped but instead was reserved for peace Memorial buses.  

The park's main base is the peaceful Memorial Museum. Includes two buildings, Hiroshima's historic survey museum and the birth of the nuclear bomb. Although its main focus is on the events of Aug. 6: Dropping bombs and its aftermath in the human suffering. The personal details are displayed quite unpleasant and serve to remind us that we should not be peace.  

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Maruyama Park

Best places to visit in Japan
Source: Kyoto

  Maruyama Park (山, Maruyama Kōen) is a public park next to the Yasaka shrine in the Higashiyama ward. In the first half of April, when the cherry trees blossomed, the park became Kyoto's most popular and crowded spot for the Cherry Blossom Party (Hanami). The center of the park is a shidarezakura (Weeping cherry tree) that lights in the night.   Maruyama Park can be reached by bus from Kyoto station in approximately 20 minutes. Take the number 100 or 206 and get off at the Gion bus station. The park is only behind the Yasaka shrine.  

Alternatively, the park can be reached in over a 15-minute walk from Kiyomizudera through the narrow lanes of Higashiyama County.  

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