Best place to travel in winter in Asia

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Asia and the Asian winters are always known for the sea and the long, little cold and snowy sands on the runway will bring an irresistible beauty.

Here are the best places to travel in Asia, that we have found for you.

Harbin, China

Best place to travel in winter in Asia
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  Glacial city, Harbin City is known, hosts one of the world's largest ice-snow festivals, Harbin International Ice Festival. Held throughout most of the month 1 and through Feb, it has about 1,500 larger, more realistic ice structures, sparkling with colorful lighting. Each year there is a different theme, varying from mythical beasts to famous landmarks from around the world. Harbin International Snow and Ice Sculpture festival boast giant ice castles, a 3D light show that shines on Northern light-themed ice slides. Other winter experiences can also be enjoyed in These include dog sledding, romantic snowmobile rides, winter swim, and Siberian tiger watching, Safari style.  

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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Best place to travel in winter in Asia
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  The Central Asian country extends from the Caspian Sea to the west to the Altai Mountains on the eastern border with China and Russia, usually not the first destination you think of when playing winter sports, in fact, which is the only word that comes to most in the Western world is probably Borat. But Almaty became increasingly popular for snow sports enthusiasts as it was surrounded by majestic mountain peaks that could not be outside the French Alps. Soaring to an altitude of over 13,000 feet, they obtain reliable snow conditions between the months of 12 and 4 months and also two ski areas, Chimbulak and Ak-Bulak. Chimbulak is housed in magnificent gorges, Zailiysky Alatau, in the Tian Shan Mountains, and hosts a variety of activities, including skiing, skiing, skiing, and even snowball matches.  

Yongpyong, South Korea

Best place to travel in winter in Asia
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  Another place to go if you are looking for an ice adventure in Asia is Yongpyong, South Korea. This place has a lot to offer for those who are wanting to go skiing or skiing. You will find a trendy ski resort on the slopes on Mount Balwant. Some of the other popular activities here include night-flooded skiing and cross-country hiking. Like in Sapporo, they also held a snow festival every February.  

Sapa, Vietnam

Best place to travel in winter in Asia
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  Located in the northwestern mountains of Vietnam, the market town of Sapa is colorful and charming, giving visitors a perfect oasis between the country's tough travels in the mountains or visiting fields. The Gothic church in the town center is a highlight in the shopping center consisting of many shops and stalls, reminiscent of the influence of French missionary work for the town. Eat Vietnamese or European dishes in the center of town, and don't miss the Saturday night's "Love Market" session, one of the most enjoyable dating evenings of the ethnic Vietnamese heroine.  

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Putao, Myanmar

Best place to travel in winter in Asia
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  A visit to the completely isolated Putao area is a great addition to any trip to Myanmar, offering a glimpse of the undisturbed nature that few travelers have ever seen. Inherited by the Hkamti Shan, this area was once called Hkamti Long, or "Great place of gold", and borders both China and India. Because of the incredibly mountainous terrain, little or no infrastructure linked Putao to the rest of the world.  

The region's climate is diverse, from subtropical valleys to high peaks, creating lush biodiversity perfect for ecological tourism. Favorite attractions and activities include walking or cycling through the varied landscapes and different areas of the Hkakabo Razi National Garden; Bird watching in the Putao valley; And rafting on the vibrant, dynamic Nam Lang River.

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