Best National Parks in Canada

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Canada is known to be the top tourist destination of nature lovers and the dream soul around the world. The best national parks here also own natural beauty and have a special attraction.

From the snowy peaks to coastal greenery, here are some of the best national parks in Canada that you would like to visit during your next trip.

BANFF National Park

Best National Parks in Canada
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  Perhaps the most famous of the National parks in Canada is Banff National Park, located in the Alberta Rockies. Canada Place is a great place to start your travels, as it offers information and exhibitions about wildlife, heritage, and local culture. Then make sure you walk on the trails and watch the sulfur springs at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. Lake Louise is a beautiful country with stunning scenery, and the park gondola boats can provide even more spectacular aerial views. Whether you want to ski, go hiking, play golf or Discover wildlife, Banff National Park offers something for everyone.

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Yoho National Garden, British Columbia

Best National Parks in Canada
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  Smaller and less known than the nearby Jasper and Banff, Yoho boasts dramatic views such as the Thunder waterfall, Turquoise Ice Lake and the back mountain peak. And Yoho only sees a small part of the visitors focusing on larger parks each year.   Do not miss walking around Emerald Lake, which competes with BANFF's Lake Louise to get a worthwhile view on Instagram. Science lovers should also walk guided walks to the Burgess Shale fossil beds, which offers some of the world's most important marine fossils.

Point Pelee National Park, Ontario

Best National Parks in Canada
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  The Point Pelee National Garden is the southernmost part of the Canadian continent lasting 15 kilometers to Lake Erie. Derived from the French interconnecting means ' bald ', the park is a sand hole formation or simply a spit of saliva formed due to the sediment transported by the flows and flows along the coastline along a beach. About 70% of Point Pelee consists of swamps scattered with pits and ponds. The forest occupies a large part of the remaining area about 21% of the park.  

The land was ceded to the crown after signing the treaty with Indian Deputy Special service Alexander McKee in 1790. A few decades later, in 1918, the area was designated as a national park after relentlessly calling for bird players and hunters. It became Canada's smallest national park and was the first to be created for conservation purposes.   Point Pelee National Park allows hunting with the duck hunting continued until 1989. On 27 May 1987, the park was designated a Ramsar site placing it under the cautious eye of the Ramsar Convention, an international convention aimed at promoting the preservation and sustainable use of wetlands.

Wapusk National Park, Manitoba

Best National Parks in Canada
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  A Canadian park webcam that takes an eye to one of the largest polar bear areas in the world, but very few lucky people set foot in this vast wilderness, rainforest and tundra.   Cree for white bears-just 45 km southeast of Churchill, but it's a world of its own. There is no walking track and you will need a guide to visit the park, although you can take a helicopter excursion to see some 11,475 km2 area.

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Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories

Best National Parks in Canada
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  In the summer of 1928, American explorer Fenley Hunter was sailing up the South Nahanni in the hopes of finding a huge waterfall that seemed to be the instrument of the legendary Dene at the time. Hunter thinks he'll never do it. Halfway back to the upstream, he wrote: Nahanni is unknown and will remain so until another era brings about the change in the shape of these mountains. It's an impossible flow, and the average is rapidly responding on average per mile, and they seem to be countless.  

The next decade has proved the wrong Hunter. Many boating trips, kayaking, and rafting on the South Nahanni, and at a lower level on the Flat and Little Nahanni Rivers, are now the main attractions in the Nahanni National Park Reserve.  

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