Best Mountain Bike Brands

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Mountain biking appeared and became a special sport in the years 1970. Nowadays, mountain bikes are not only for professionals, but anyone who wants to experience the thrill of walking on the rocky terrain. There are countless companies that specialize in creating quality bicycles.

The best mountain bikes must meet the safety requirements as well as bring the highest experience for participants to this art sport. See a list of the most prestigious brands below.

Santa Cruz

Best Mountain Bike Brands
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Santa Cruz is a bit unusual in the cycling world. With only 13 models focusing on dirt to choose from, the brand was able to become a key player for a relatively short period of time (the company was founded in 1994). However, perhaps most noticeable is the fact that they were able to grow considerably larger without sacrificing the sense of the brand store. This impressive balancing action has resulted in several popular models over the years. Recent and notable additions to their lineup include Nomad, Bronson (see our intensive review here), and Hightower, and longtime drivers who can remember Bullit, Driver 8, VP Free and Heckler with the favorites. Take a look around the parking and have a good chance that at least 25 percent of the rider is on one of the Santa Cruz models listed above.

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Best Mountain Bike Brands
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Kona, as a company, is a wild company that in many ways despite the expectations. It's a global brand that can be realized right away, but a brand is still owned by the original founders. It was a brand that evolved from the riding style of British Columbia in the late 80, but had international sales and production from the beginning. Kona is not a big entity compared to some other global bicycle brands, but it does prefer icon status. They are best known as a Freeride bicycle company, but have made roads and ' bicycles cross from scratch. And their city bikes are some of the most exciting, practical choices around. Surprises are repeated, but it is part of the charm of Kona.


Best Mountain Bike Brands
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The Yeti is an American bicycle manufacturer founded in Golden, Colorado. The company was founded based on the philosophy that they simply built the bicycles they wanted to take. Starting in 1985, Yeti has been at the top of the mountain biking as we now know. To this day, the Yeti shows a spirit of mountain biking in a tangible way, when each year they push innovation in the bike space and push the limits of the previous things seems impossible.

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Best Mountain Bike Brands
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  Diamondback is renowned for building a number of hybrid bicycles, road and mountain bikes that are durable enough, at the same time cheap enough. The start-up company is a BMX bike manufacturer (check HERE the best BMX bikes), but nowadays they produce almost all kinds of bicycles that I know of.  

Another approach made by Diamondback is about their product prices. Cyclists often see them as an entry bike manufacturer and many cyclists know that a Diamondback bike is always the right choice for beginners. Diamondback sells their bikes much cheaper than your local bike shop because they are an online marketing and this is much cheaper than having an offline store or chain distribution, etc.  

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