Benefits in preventing and healing sickness of custard apple

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Custard apple is the familiar type of countryside gift, the hobby of many people. Not only that, according to the results of many modern studies, this is also a 'medicine' that supports your health.

Just in August, September, it is the time when this sweet fruit go into the season, we enjoy the wonderful fruit of this creation. Custard apple was originated in South America, the West Indies and some parts of Asia, including Vietnam. This fruit has soft sweetness, covered with a hard crust. High in calories and naturally sweet, it is a great dessert after meals.

Benefits in preventing and healing sickness of custard apple

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This fruit contains 72% glucose, 14.52% saccharose, 1.73% starch, 2.7% protid and vitamin C. In the leaves there is an amorphous alcaloid, without glucosides, green leaves contain 0.08% starch oil. Seeds contain 38.5-42% oil, of which fatty acids (myristic, palmitic, stearic, hexadecanoic and oleic acids) account for a large proportion. The fruit has an amorphous alcaloid called anonain. The toxins in the seeds and roots are glycerides and acids with large molecules. Leaves, shells and roots contain hydrocyanic acid. The bark contains anonain.

According to Western medicine, custard apple has these following effects:

Improve cardiovascular function

The balance between sodium and potassium in custard apple contributes greatly to regulating blood pressure and heart rate. The rich content of natural antioxidants and vitamin C can help prevent free radicals from attacking fats and thus prevent the body's cholesterol from becoming harmful. Vitamin C also helps the body to increase resistance, against pathogens. All of these factors have a positive effect on the heart and improve heart function.

Good for the brain

In custard apple there is lots of vitamin B6. This vitamin is beneficial for brain function because it controls the chemical level of GABA nerves. GABA's neurochemical level works to eliminate stress, soothe irritated nerves and even treat depression. Therefore, if you want to be good for your brain, let’s eat more. In addition, vitamin B6 is even considered to reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease, so custard apple also has the effect of preventing Parkinson's disease.

Benefits in preventing and healing sickness of custard apple

Preventing cancer

The antioxidants in custard apple such as some polyphenols, asimicin and bullatacin are considered to be able to help prevent cancer, malaria and worms disease very effectively.

Good for the eyes

Custard apple is a good source of vitamin C, A, riboflavin, vitamin B2 when it enters the body, which helps prevent the formation of free radicals that lead to eye diseases, help you have bright, healthy eyes.

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Benefits in preventing and healing sickness of custard apple

Support weight gain

Custard apple is one of the extremely good fruits for those who want to gain weight. The puree, blended custard apple mixed with honey will help supplement the body's calorie intake, helping to gain healthy weight.

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