Basic tips for having a long and beautiful beard

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Men are always eager to get a long and beautiful beard, which requires a lot of technical care and nurture them properly.

Break has found out the reasons why men can't grow their beard and get a beautiful beard as well as how to care for them.

Reason men can't grow beard

Basic tips for having a long and beautiful beard
Source: Beardstyle

 Because many factors can be attributed to genetics or the scene where some men have not been able to grow their beard, no matter how they try. They have something that one can call "permanent child syndrome". However, this is not a real medical condition, but many men suffer from it.  

Scientifically proven, antennae are produced by a chemical called dihydrotestosterone, which is synthesized from testosterone-hormones that stimulate the growth of men and sexual characteristics.  

The ability to grow a beard is determined in a way that the man's body reacts with testosterone.  

Overall, most men have the same level of testosterone, men who grow beards will be more sensitive, or react more quickly to testosterone than those of the same age.   In other words, the ability to grow beard has nothing to do with the level of the male count, strength or testosterone and everything associated with genetics.  

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Tips for beard growth

Beard Oil  

Beard oil comes with many incredible benefits that can help you throughout your beard's growing journey.  

Some of the things you can expect to enjoy by applying beard oil carefully onto your face, hair include a more manageable and easier-to-style beard.  

Also, your gay men will be nourished and healthier. As a result, it will look fuller, brighter and smoother.  

Not only that, but keeping your beard from being nourished well with the help of beard oil can help give your bird all the resources needed to be able to grow at a faster pace.


Basic tips for having a long and beautiful beard
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 Eating the right foods also helps to grow beard! One of the essential ingredients for healthy and effective hair growth is folic acid. This handy Dandy supplement promotes thicker hair growth!   By increasing the amount of folic acid you load into the diet, you can see significant differences in the growth of facial hair.  

This means that you should spend a lot of places on whole grains and breads in your diet, as well as greens, nuts and peas.


The beard will grow as much as testosterone is produced as much, and this should require more mobility than you do.  

The higher the resistance, the more powerful the production of testosterone, and that will boost your beard's ability to grow faster.

Pay attention to sleep

Go to bed and wake up every night and morning at once. This will do well not only for the growth of your beard, but also for your overall health.  

Testosterone production at the highest level in REM sleep and the longer you sleep, the more your body produces the more testosterone.  

Sleep also helps you relieve stress and lose weight, two things are also responsible for the growth of your beard.  

Basic tips for having a long and beautiful beard
Source: Beardstyle

How to care for the beautiful and durable beard

Keep Skin Moisture

You should regularly wash your face and use the best cleanser to keep your skin and beard moisture.  

Basic tips for having a long and beautiful beard
Source: Beardstyle

No regular shaving

Many people have a habit of shaving everyday because they conceptually a smooth, bright, non-whisker face will bring clean appearance, but this habit will cause the beard to grow fast, increasingly harder and drier than before. Moreover, during this time the damage after shave untimely recovery will be prone to allergies, redness and easy to cause dermatitis to the skin itself of the guy.  

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Shave properly

Must shave their own growth.   Although shaving is a problem that is familiar with the wing of men, but most people are not interested in how to shave properly. There are still some people who have accidentally shaved off the beard, this action of the pores of the skin is opened and can lead to ingrown beard on the inside at the following times. Although shaving will help to save more, however, this job is easy to do damage skin or can cause infection, especially those boys who own a bushy beard.  

It is possible to say the proper feeding of the beard so that beauty is both a process of caring and shaving properly. The use of the above tips will make you able to get the key to a beautiful beard.  

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