Basic method of drawing people

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Drawing people is basically fun but challenging work. Especially drawing people with various active priesthoods.

To achieve a good drawing, the artist must grasp the structure of the skeleton, the vertebra, the structure that attaches the muscles to the human organs. Drawing people is still difficult to express the feelings of the character through faces and gestures.

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Basic principle of drawing people

How to draw the head

Basic head and face ratios: A part from chin to the end of nose is equal a part from the end of nose to eyebrow. The nose to the eyebrow is equal to the eyebrow to the hair root, the other half is hair. The basic shape of the skull is a circle, on the basis of a circle we make parts of the skull, the tip of the nose, and the eye sockets on the diameter of the circle.

Basic method of drawing people

We have 4 steps to form a skull: The face is made up of muscles. Mastering the arrangement of the facial muscles, we will easily show the affection of the face in the picture later.

When drawing five senses, the standard line of the nose bridge is drawn, then the other parts are drawn. Step by step drawing out the physical structure of other parts.

Basic method of drawing people

The hair and forehead also need to be handled well so that it feels like volume. From the volume of structure, going into the holistic depiction makes the painting more spatial feeling. Pay special attention to the continuous texture between the eyes and eyebrows of the character. The eyeball should not be drawn in general, but should pay attention to the thickness of the eyelid skin. Eye positions of children and adults are different. Adult eyes are located in the middle of the face from the top of the head to the chin, children are shorter.

How to draw a person's moving posture

Step 1: Drawing a sitting or standing character is one thing, drawing a character in a moving state is another. Even though you have mastered the anatomical structure, you still have many difficulties in describing the character's movements. The aim is to create the feeling of living as reality.

Basic method of drawing people

Step 2: To learn how to draw moving characters, the first step is to sketch a stick figure like when you draw a character in a standing / sitting position. As usual, you need to persevere in practice. Observe daily life by attending sports matches or going to the park where many people congregate. Please watch martial arts movies and slow-motion movies if needed. You will soon grasp the subtle movements of people, such as where they put their hands and feet, how to twist the body, etc.

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Basic method of drawing people

Step 3: The first step is to feel the motion. It is to simplify the image into a few simple internal structure sketches. As in a stick figure, the step is similar to when you draw a stationary figure. As usual, keep practicing, practicing, and practicing more. Take a look at some drawing material. Realize which one is a good drawing, then return to observe the surrounding real life. Go to the football field to watch a football match, or to the park to watch people exercise. You will soon notice the movement of people as well as the fast moving body parts such as hands, feet, how people shake their hips ...

Basic method of drawing people

Step 4: The secret to avoid stiff drawings is to visualize a line of action running through the human body. This patterned line comes from the top of the head, crosses the neck, down to the spine, and then runs out (of course, there's no need to be too stereotyped when erecting these lines). Typically, moving positions are in the form of a C or an S curve when the character is bent, turned, twisted or leaned. The tilt angle will get bigger when the character runs or falls.

Basic method of drawing people

By using the trunk line, you create a natural, more vivid look for the moving character. Use a stick figure with the stick figure to outline the skeleton, then "flesh" the muscles for the character. Make the character seem like they're stepping out of a page or screen.


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