Bad habits that cause eye puffiness

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In addition to factors such as gene, diet, aging... bad habits are also a cause of puffiness.

Eye puffiness happens when layers of fat accumulate on the upper and lower eyelids, bulging the skin and covering the eyelids, making your eyes swollen, old and make your face look unhealthy. To overcome this condition effectively, you need to know the causes of it and find an appropriate treatment.

Bad habits that cause eye puffiness

The causes of puffiness


By the age of 30, your skin starts to lose its collagen, elastin (the two main components that are responsible for keeping your skin firm and elastic) as the body does not produce these components in time to support the skin. The elasticity of the skin in the eye area will decrease, muscles will become loose, and fat will gradually accumulate in the sunken area under the eyes, forming a fat bag around the eyes, often called eye puffiness.

Health problems

People with sinus disease or allergies may develop eye puffiness, as the constant recurrence of the diseases causes the skin under the eyes to collapse. Some more serious diseases such as kidney disease, thyroid dysfunction... also lead to this condition due to water retention, edema, especially in the eye area.

Physical condition

Bad habits that cause eye puffiness

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Edema is caused by factors such as: hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstruation, or high salt intake. Dehydration is caused by a lack of water in the body, forcing the body to store water itself. Even regular alcohol drinking can cause eye puffiness.

Lack of sleep

Bad habits that cause eye puffiness

Lack of sleep is the most common factor that causes large eye puffiness. Not getting enough sleep, staying up late often hinders blood flow, leading to lack of oxygen, the skin not provided with enough nutrition, thereby causing dark circles and puffiness.

Bad habit

Bad habits that cause eye puffiness

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Few people know that watching TV, using computers, phones, ... too much are bad habits that lead to wrinkled eyelids, bulging skin structure and soon puffiness. Besides, the frequent use of alcohol, ... is also the cause of eye puffiness.

Other factors

Besides the above causes, lack of nutrients, especially vitamin deficiency, stress, genetic factors ... are also causes of this condition. According to estheticians, eye puffiness is listed as one of the worst appearance in the eye area. The puffiness not only looks ugly, it can also cause eyelids to collapse as well as affect your eyesight.
So, once you know the cause of puffiness, you need to change your habits, ways of life. Try to improve your health so that eye puffiness is no longer a worry.

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