ASDA had the appearance of Reese's Pieces Ice Cream

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If you are a Reese believer, then surely you will have to crave because Reese's peanut butter cream pieces are available at ASDA.

Instagram page newfoodsuk posted pictures of the sweet treats alongside the caption: "OMG look what is now in @asda now are £3.50 how well do they look!?!"

ASDA had the appearance of Reeses Pieces Ice Cream  

And it's safe to say people have lost their shit with one saying: "OH MY DAYS!!!!!!!!"

Another commented: "NEED go to ASDA on your way in" and a third added: "my lord, I'll shoot down tomorrow and grab some".

It is unknown at the moment which ASDA stores are stocking the product but we have our fingers crossed.

ASDA had the appearance of Reeses Pieces Ice Cream
A closer look at the Reese's Pieces ice cream. Credit: Instagram/newfoodsuk

If you don't think the icy version of the chocolate is for you, or if your 'thing' is white chocolate, then it might be worth getting your hands on Cadbury's discontinued Dream Bar instead.

You might be wondering how the hell you would be able to get the underappreciated chocolate bar, but you'll be pleased to hear that just days ago it was reported that they were being sold by a pretty savvy company in South Africa, called Sanza.

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But, just like any in-demand product, you're going to have to pay over the odds for them. You're going to have to dig deep, as a 200g bar is being flogged for £5.45 ($6.92) a pop.

ASDA had the appearance of Reeses Pieces Ice Cream
They're back, but they will cost you a pretty penny. Credit:

If you're still not on the Dream hype though, you can also ease yourself in with a 50g bar which will only set you back £1.80 ($2.29) - a bargain if you ask us.

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According to the South African company, the Dream is 'creamy, delicious, smooth, melt in your mouth, real white chocolate which contains cocoa butter'.

Never a truer word said.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/newfoodsuk


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