Ala Moana Beach Park - The natural masterpiece of Honolulu

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Leaving the bustling city, you will be immersed in the cool water, exciting entertainment activities at Ala Moana Beach Park. Here, the wind and sunshine and clear air will help you dispel fatigue and regain full energy to continue the trip.

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Ala Moana Beach Park: An extremely ideal resort

Ala Moana Beach Park - The natural masterpiece of Honolulu

Ala Moana Beach Park, 800 meters long, is one of the most ideal resting places on the planet, not just in Honolulu. Visitors will be absolutely relaxed on the white sand, under the trees with pleasant breezes. The sea always maintains the peace in all weather conditions thanks to the offshore coral reef and that is also an impressive point that everyone wants to admire. It is not a difficult thing to see corals because of the clear sea water in many areas, you can even see very clearly the schools of fish swimming around below.

Ala Moana Beach Park - The natural masterpiece of Honolulu

Not only is a quiet place to relax, but Ala Moana Beach Park is also an appropriate place for entertainment, from light to thrills. If you are an active person, then the pleasures at sea and in the ocean are for you. You can go windsurfing on the waves to feel the refreshment on a hot summer day, or join a tour to see the unique animals in the sea. Of course, you will have absolute peace of mind with the accompanying coach to guide and support you at all times.

If you like tranquility and enjoying the clouds, take a relaxing boat ride in the shallow water and float along the calm water. The sea does not have large waves, and gentle winds will make your soul relax and rest absolutely. This elegant hobby would be even better if the participants were lovers. Rowing together in such a romantic scene is no different from a happy paradise. The surface of the sea is emerald green or sometimes so clear that on a boat you can see what is on the bottom.

Ala Moana Beach Park - The natural masterpiece of Honolulu

Tourists also often go to the beach park to jog, play sports such as tennis, volleyball, or do gentle exercises to breathe fresh air at dawn. The sports equipment in the park is provided for free, so it attracts a lot of tourists. Many trees here become the ideal place for travelers to lean back and relax in comfort. Or you can enjoy an interesting picnic on the green lawns, next to the cool fresh water lake.

On the east side of this beach park is Magic Island, which often hosts Honolulu's unique art performances and cultural events. Especially, in May every year, the lantern festival is held, attractting many visitors. Besides, on the Independence Day of the United States, you will admire the beautiful fireworks display here.

Ala Moana Beach Park - The natural masterpiece of Honolulu

Known as a paradise-like beach, Ala Moana Beach Park has long been an ideal place for couples to come here for wedding photos or photos on Valentine's Day. Therefore, this place is also called Magic Beach Weddings.

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