After eating habits are silently hurting the stomach

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A healthy, scientific diet is very beneficial for our bodies. However, after eating if you avoid doing these things, it will make your body healthier.

Correct these habits now to prevent unwanted complications for your stomach.
800,000 people die from stomach cancer every year: the cause of unexpected eating habits

The stomach plays a very important role in daily digestive activities. However, if the stomach is in trouble, it will not be able to function properly, thereby disrupting your digestive process and causing many harmful health problems.

In particular, some habits in your daily life that you think are harmless are silently destroying your stomach. Let's find out which habits to fix right away!

After eating habits are silently hurting the stomach

1. After eating, immediately eat fruits

Many people like to eat fruit after a meal and argue that the fruit is like a dessert. But the fact is that after a meal, the intestines in the human body are in the process of digestion. Eating fruit immediately after a meal will affect the normal digestion of food. Therefore, it is best to eat fruit after meals about 1 hour.

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2. Take a shower immediately after eating
It is common sense for everyone to know that when the body is very hungry it cannot take a bath, as it can cause temporary hypoxia and anemia.But taking a shower right after a meal is not a good option either.Because after eating blood circulation and energy in the body are concentrated in the digestive system, it is easy to cause hypoxia in the brain.

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3. After eating solid tea

Dinner ate too greasy, so many people think that drinking a cup of tea to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body. However, if you really do this, it is hurting your body. The tannins in tea leaves combine with food to create exclusion compounds that cause the digestive system to stagnate, food to be difficult to absorb, increase the causes of constipation, and increase the risk of storing substances. Harmful to the body.

After eating habits are silently hurting the stomach

4. Exercise strongly after meals

Folk saying "A hundred steps after a meal, can live up to 99 years old", this means that exercising properly after a meal can help digestion and benefit human health. However, if immediately after a meal, vigorous exercise such as running, badminton, or participating in heavy physical activity, ... will affect the ability to digest and absorb food, which is not good for health. strong. Due to the need to supply blood to the limbs during vigorous exercise or hard labor, the blood supply to the digestive tract will be reduced.

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5. After eating immediately go to bed

After a meal, due to the increase in blood flow in the digestive organs, the amount of blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced so people feel tired and even sleepy. This phenomenon is more pronounced after lunch. If you go to bed right after a meal, the gastrointestinal motility slows down, gastrointestinal secretion decreases and food cannot be completely digested. In particular, in children can cause digestive disorders, poor digestion and absorption, and can cause nutritional deficiencies for a long time.

6. Loosen pants or waist buttons after meals

Many people experience discomfort after eating too much, often relaxing by unbuttoning their pants or loosening their belts. looseness. In the long run will lead to stomach prolapse.

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