Acting like a gentleman on the first date

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Many people are confused before starting the first date. With simple suggestions, you can completely score a perfect score for her. Dating, especially the first dating, has always been the subject of many special interests and concerns of many people. We feel confused with the standard code of conduct or do not know how to treat the dating object properly

To help those inexperienced and have many concerns with their first date, Break will offer some suggestions to help you get the most successful dating (or at least not fail when returning).

Acting like a gentleman on the first date

Don't rush the money:

Acting like a gentleman on the first date

If you are not the type of person who always spends most of your time inviting her to go to luxurious places on the date, do not take a high minute to get out of your pocket when you leave. Sometimes, being in a luxurious place makes your other half uncomfortable. The feeling of comfort and lightness will come from places where the two of you can laugh naturally without any disturbing eyes.

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Be a polite person:

Acting like a gentleman on the first date

There are clear differences between the gallant, gentleman eyebrows and the arrogant, overbearing, and arrogant guys who show their speech clearly. Always be polite to the other half, confidently look into their eyes and offer to take them to your door or call for a taxi to help them see you as a long-term and appropriate option. Similarly, during a conversation, a male should not be complacent about his favorite topic, take a break after each sentence so that she has a chance to express their opinions during the date.

Offer to pay:

Acting like a gentleman on the first date

When confronted with the bill on the first date, you not only need to be gentle to get paid, but also be open and cheerful. ”To create a sense of comfort for both. Right now, you should avoid silly questions like, "Are we going on a date?" If she insists on splitting the payment and refusing the next meeting, accept it. keep your self-esteem and let things go smoothly. Acting silly after your first appointment is worse than being awkward during the appointment.

Don't chatter too much gossip:

Acting like a gentleman on the first date

It's easy to see when men first date through online friend-making apps, where people can easily change their personal details over and over. When it's time to get ready for your first date, you should avoid talking too deeply about heavy topics and exaggerating things, show off your identity, like to express yourself or even promise things that are out of reach. And of course, the most important thing to remember, never intend to lie to her.

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Don’t be glued to the phone:

Acting like a gentleman on the first date

A typical dating takes place in about 3-4 hours. If you find yourself unable to isolate technology equipment for all this time, you don't really need a girlfriend, you just need a robot girl. If you really need to stay in touch, politely ask them for permission before picking up the phone, or ask to go to the toilet. But keep in mind that you should only tell her important and easily accepted reasons.

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