A French beauty morning routine: Simple yet optimum

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No time-consuming, no money-costing, French women still have the perfect appearance to start the day with a simple beauty process.

When it comes to French women, as a natural reflex, people often use beautiful adjectives such as "delicate," "elegant" and "gentle." French beauty is admired by the whole world, of course. So, do you want to be like them?

How French women take care of their beauty

1. Skin care wrapped in 3 steps

A French beauty morning routine: Simple yet optimum

Which are cleansing with micellar water, applying moisturizer and putting on sunscreen.

French women are fervent followers of micellar water. Of course there are exceptions, but most of them skip the cleansing step with a cleanser and instead use a make up remover wipe, soaked in extremely gentle micellar water to remove effectively without irritating skin.

Next, their skin will be moisturized to fight aging, and the French ladies are sure to never skip sunscreen.

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2. Simple makeup but still beautiful

A French beauty morning routine: Simple yet optimum

French women do wear makeups. But for a natural beauty, and respect for each individual's difference, they like simple but effective makeups.

Their makeups aresimply: a light, thin foundation, a bit of powder, some mascara and lipstick. That's enough to start the day with a beautiful, radiant look.

3. Don't forget to wear perfume

In 1001 ways to improve elegance, an exquisite perfume is the most effective secret. French women - well known for their elegance and gentleness, never forget to wear perfume before going out.

A French beauty morning routine: Simple yet optimum

So, besides taking care of your skin, applying makeup and choosing a beautiful outfit, try to maintain the habit of wearing perfume and you will find yourself much more confident and attractive!

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4. Minimal hairdressing

A French beauty morning routine: Simple yet optimum

In order not to waste a lot of time washing - drying - styling their hair every morning, French ladies often wash their hair clean in the evening, with a maximum frequency of 3 times / week, and they don't dry their hair to maintain strong, smooth har. Before going to bed, they braid their hair so that when waking up, French women had a light, curly, feminine hair.

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