A few little tips about how to care for acne skin that girls need to know

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A few little tips about how to care for acne skin that girls need to know

Today Break is pleased to share some simple tips to keep in mind when taking care of acne skin. Let’s see.

4 tips about how to care for acne skin


Even if the pimple skin is inflamed, it also requires exfoliation to remove the horny skin and dirt from the skin. However, exfoliating for people with acne needs to be careful and gentle. You should massage it by your hands with mild ingredients such as honey, sugar, ... and absolutely avoid rubbing with cotton or other potentially damaging tools.

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Exfoliating should be done twice a week or only once for acne skin. After exfoliating, you need to moisturize your skin so it won't peel off.

A few little tips about how to care for acne skin that girls need to know

Wash your face properly

One of the causes of acne appearance is caused by bacteria, dirt covering the face. Washing your face often and properly will be a way to limit acne, and is also an important principle in acne skin care.

You should check your skin type, and find a cleanser that is suitable for each skin type (oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, etc.). The face wash with a cleanser should be done 2 times daily in the morning and evening. If you often go out, exposed to lots of dust, you should wash your face with cool water after returning home. The cleanser should choose to have a pH equivalent to the skin, not to dry the skin or to have bleach, strong acid.

Acne skin is very sensitive so you should not wash your face with hot water. Even washing your face with warm water should be limited. It is best to use cool water to wash ỉt. In the case of redness and swelling, you can use an ice to help ease the acne.

The important thing after washing your face is to gently dry your face with a good tissue, cotton or makeup remover. Using a cotton swab soaked in water to dry the face is also a way to care for acne skin. Absolutely avoid cotton towels, rough fabrics because they can increase acne worse.

Choose cosmetics and smart acne treatment products

Acne skin is quite sensitive, so it requires special care. Some acne sufferers still prefer makeup or cosmetics, so be really cautious. To cover the ugly red acne, she often uses concealer or foundation. However, they are not good for acne skin, because they can clog pores, making acne worse.

Products should be made of natural ingredients, oil free, contain no preservatives, skin bleaches. Or choose cosmetics containing ingredients like Silica, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to help absorb excess oil without clogging pores, which is the optimal choice for acne-prone skin.

A few little tips about how to care for acne skin that girls need to know

Acne products such as acne cleanser, acne cream, acne medication, acne mask ... often contain Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide which have high antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, so destroy the bacteria that cause acne, reduce inflammation and dry acne well. However, it should be noted that Benzoyl Peroxide will absorb all moisture from the skin or cause skin peeling. Therefore, non-Benzoyl Peroxide products are still better.

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In addition, one has acne should only treat acne with special products, but absolutely need to avoid squeezing acne, because it is easy to cause infections, spread bacteria that make acne spread.

Moisturizes acne skin

A few little tips about how to care for acne skin that girls need to know

Many people think that when treating acne with special treatment products, there is no need to moisturize. But actually, moisturizing the skin is the best way to take care of acne skin. Because when the skin is dry, it will force the oily glands to produce more oil, which will clog pores, combined with bacteria, dirt to create acne. Therefore moisturizing is the principle of skin care for women that absolutely not to be overlooked.

Moisturizing also helps healthy skin, protects the skin from external influences, so it slows down the aging process


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