9 Ways to teach your children to love animals

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Teaching your kids to love animals is one important step to help shape their personality and characteristics.

Children need to be taught about population explosion, global warming and environmental pollution. If you want them to raise awareness about these issues, then start from teaching your children to treat animals with kindness. Here we have 9 methods to help children develop compassion toward animals.

How to teach your children to love animals

1. Tell your children the impacts of climate change

Take a practical example to explain this issue to children, such as a picture of a sick polar bear in Siberia (Russia). This information will help children realize the lives of animals are becoming more and more harsh due to climate change. From there, you will easily teach children to raise their awareness about environmental protection.

2. Teach your children to treat animals gently

For animals, there are spots on their bodies where they feel safe being touched, and others that makes them feel threatened. For example, cats will have defensive reactions when their belly is rubbed. Teach your children which spots they should touch on the pets' bodies. After that, teach children your how to interact with animals for the first time, such as standing still and wait for their sniff as greeting. These guidelines help your children get used to animals.

3. Let your children take care of pets at home

If your family has pets, hand over the job of taking care of them to your children. If your children are still too young, let them do more simple tasks such as giving water to pets. As they get older, let them take the pets for a walk, clean up the pets' cages... From these tasks, children will be aware that animals are weaker species, depending on humans, and gradually they will develop compassion towards animals.

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9 Ways to teach your children to love animals
Help children make friends with pets. Cre: nbcnews

4. Show your children documentaries about nature

Currently, nature documentaries appear on TV, Youtube or social networking site. Let your children watch videos of animals in their natural environment or struggles to survive. These films will help children expand their knowledge of the natural world, showing the negative effects of humanity on the living environment of all species. For films about survival struggles, you should consider content appropriate for your child's age.

5. Teach your children about the local natural habitat

Human development is narrowing the habitats of animals. However, people have devised ways to "live together" with animals by constructing zoos, conservation areas... Take your children to these places to let them learn about local animals, as well as help them be aware of how urban encroachment has affected animals.

6. Allow your children to trap, but not kill animals

Mice, spiders or cockroaches... may appear in your house but you don't have kill them if they can help control other pests. You should catch and release harmless animals, so that they can hunt insects that are harmful to human life. These small actions will help nurture the love for animals in children.

7. Read books about animals to your children

Books are an extremely valuable source of information for children to learn and understand animals. A story can have a positive impact, a profound effect on a child's awareness. When children are young, tell them stories about animals or show them books with lots of animal images. When they can read themselves, choose books with more valuable information like science books for them.

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9 Ways to teach your children to love animals

8. Design a nature-friendly yard/balcony

You can plant flowers, grow vegetables in the yard or on the balcony. Not only it'll be beautiful, it can attract animals like birds, butterflies... to your place. Get your children to just watch these animals instead of trying to catch and touch them, so that they may come back later.

9. Encourage your children to help animals

Learning should be accompanied by doing. So, let your children join volunteer clubs that help local animals. Besides, children can donate food, old blankets, milk... to animal rescue centers. Or, you can let them take care of a stray cat near your house.

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