9 tips to detox your body to welcome a brilliant new year 2020

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You can improve your fatigue, bad skin, dark eyes by doing the following things. After all, maintaining good habits is the key to detoxify your body.

Toxins in our body will cause dangerous diseases after accumulating for a long time. Therefore, purifying, detoxifying the body is extremely important.

9 tips to detox your body to welcome a brilliant 2020

1. Drink enough water

Water is part of every metabolic process. Drinking adequate water also helps to keep the salt balance in the body. Fruits and vegetables are 80% water, so take care of them to have beautiful skin and good physique. Pay attention to goofy water, if it is dark yellow, the body is "crying" because of lack of water. A pale yellow to white color means that the body is stable.

2. Limit caffeine

9 tips to detox your body to welcome a brilliant new year 2020

Caffeine is a natural nerve stimulant commonly found in tea, coffee or cocoa. Caffeine can help boost concentration if limited to less than 300 milligrams per day. However, if used too much, caffeine will make the skin worse, yellow teeth, insomnia, harmful to the bones, thereby making the body ugly.

3. Limit alcohol, even wine

Alcohol is not a healthy food, although there are several reports of drinking wine in small amounts daily. Alcohol is also a diuretic that causes the body to lose water. Drinking a lot of alcohol can make you overweight, reducing the concentration you need.

Alcohol affects most parts of the body: mouth, throat (cancer), brain (reduced judgment), heart (increased risk of heart failure) ... You can choose to drink Wine daily or weekend as a way to relax but it is better not to use.

4. Limit sugar

Instead of using products that are high in sweeteners like sugar, condensed milk or cream, fruit is a much better choice. Just cut back on sugar, you will feel your body softer after a few days, your skin is significantly improved.

9 tips to detox your body to welcome a brilliant new year 2020

A study by the University of California at Los Angeles on mice showed that using too much fructose will reduce brain activity and make the body feel tired, exhausted of energy. Research also shows that the hearts of those who eat less sugar are always healthier and reduce the risk of heart failure.

5. Discard canned or processed foods

In the busy modern life, many people may choose to use canned food or fast food as a way to fill up hunger quickly. But it also hides thousands of health dangers that few people know about.

In addition to reduced nutritional value, loss of air-sensitive vitamins like vitamins C and B, canned foods also contain many preservatives that are extremely harmful to the human body. BPA (Bisphenol - A) is a common chemical used in food packaging, causing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and male sexual dysfunction.

6. Practice to sweat a lot

9 tips to detox your body to welcome a brilliant new year 2020

The skin is the largest organ of the body so sweating helps you remove excess salt and metabolites. Sweating every day is a good way to help your body eliminate healthy metabolic products.

7. Eat more fiber

There are many ways involved in cleansing the digestive tract, but fiber is still best for that as an exercise for the intestines. Use the natural fiber in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and limit the use of supplements. Eat about 3-4 grams of fiber, about 15-20% of your daily needs.

8. Get enough sleep

9 tips to detox your body to welcome a brilliant new year 2020

Getting enough 7 to 9 hours of sleep helps and maintains a healthy brain. Recent studies continue to prove a link between sleep quantity and cognitive function.

9. Change your reaction to stress

While it may not be practical to eliminate stress from your life, changing how you respond to everyday stress will improve your overall health. Stress has both physical and mental effects on human metabolic and behavioral activities. That's why when you're stressed, you're at risk for insomnia, uncontrolled eating, and alcohol use.

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